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First Lilacs

Field update:  The onions, shallots, kale and collards are transplanted today and yesterday.  The crew took an extended day, and really moved out. Seed flats have finally arrived, so the next couple days will encompass broccoli, kohlrabi, fennel, and hot season crops--tomato, pepper seeds, and basil.    Farmer Lee has been tractoring compost the past couple days. The spinach has slowed down from the early spring surge we saw with the heat wave.

 In the goat barn--3 kids since last.  Apr.4,  Emma kidded, two doelings--Ethel and Betty.  They are beautiful.  13 Bucklings, 12 Doelings.  The herd is especially enjoying the breezy, sunny, dry days.  I cut the first Lilacs of the season, set them in a vase in the kitchen.  Most blossoms are still quite tight, their lovely scent is barely teasing the air.  

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