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cinco de mayo

Tonight's event was a super-moon...was a bit overcast to see the moon just rising--so while a full moon is always super---we didn't quite see its in it's proclaimed glory, from our position at south beach in South Haven.   Here's a thoughtful hello to our friends in Louisville, KY on this, the first Saturday in May, Derby Day--I think of you fondly, and know you celebrate this season to the fullest.  The farm is living the season, stretched to it's boundaries--100+ lbs of asparagus today, and the weather supports this harvest for days to come.  Market (South Haven) begins next week--so long sleep 'til 7am--we delve into early, full Saturdays here through October.  Tree felling was challenging, and remains a challenge, after today.  The box elder just didn't fall, and is hung upon (what I think is) a dead Mulberry just next to it (better than on the barn adjacent).  Tomorrow will be better, and the goats will eat heartily, and happily, on the leaves.  This is overdue, as this tree is (or was) poised well over the pack out barn, hollowed in the middle, and doomed to fall in the right wind, in the wrong direction....will try to update on this later.

Crops look good.  The warmer days toward the end of last week are promising for the weeks ahead.  Milk is flowing, cheese is aging, birds are laying eggs a plenty, people are busy, and pretty much thriving.  Life is full.

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