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Real Spring

The weather is proving more seasonal.  The week of extreme March heat was truly a wake up call on many fronts, closest to home, the season stares us in the face.  Trees and animals now sigh deeply:  leaves just emerging, and winter coats hurrying to shed, cycles.  The farm is filling with new life, from plantings to goatlings, chicks and ducklings.  Seedlings, and nests of eggs are discovered almost anywhere, as life steps forward to leave a trace of what was and what is.  

  Was awake much later than usual last night into morning, tending the kidding of one of my herd queens.  She becomes agitated during, so need to be with her throughout and after until she settles with her babies.  All is well, two healthy boys.  Kid count:  10 doelings, 12 bucklings.

 Allium and brassica flats growing, hardening outside.  Flowers and herbs emerging in prop house.  Potatoes are planted and hilled, tractor and by hand. Earliest planting for us, with the conditions, we decided to chance it.  Spinach looks and tastes great. Harvesting from 2011 fall crop as well.  Mesclun greens and radish are up in the field.  Sunnies, dill and larkspur seeded in field yesterday.  Second pass shallow tilling of asparagus --did find a dozen or so stalks and made a sandwich prior to this.  Now we just wait for it to grow.

 Today--sunshine and breezes--real spring. 

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