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7 Reasons to Garden


 “Why do I farm?” It’s a popular question, I’ve been asked on more than one occasion. My pat answer has always been “you are asking me why I breathe?” Yes, a glib response to a question which sets numerous thoughts racing through my mind in a nanosecond.

This afternoon I was addressed with the question, once again. My mind began wandering over the economy, this years vegetable garden, victory gardens, produce in the grocery stores… With my brain running rampant, a recurring challenge kept forefront- “If I had to persuade you to farm your own garden- What would I write? Could I do it? Would you do it?

This is going to be a series of posts for I can’t teach, encourage or share with you how great growing your own food truly is in one post. So let’s start at the beginning-

“Why I farm? Or why would you want to grow a garden?”

1. Gratification! We live for it! There is nothing more gratifying than stepping out your back door to harvest herbs for seasoning, the first ripe tomato or fresh squash for supper. Don’t believe me? Do it once, I promise you will be hooked.

2. Your Wallet. Grocery stores are fetching a $1.00 per cucumber, orange or green pepper. Imagine walking out your back door to an orange tree, the pepper plant loaded with peppers or a cucumber vine ripe for the picking. You will be richer!

3. Time. You will be creating memorable moments with your loved ones. Mom and I have never said, remember the day we went shopping or watched such and such movie… We recall & laugh about the time she ran over the spinach, now known as “Firestone Spinach.”

4. Popularity? Yes, I’m serious. Just watch what happens when you share your harvest with your neighbors. They wouldn’t dare complain to the HOA that your driveway has not been edged.

5. Exercise. If you are having a hard time making it to the gym, no problem! Watch you heart rate increase as you push that wheel barrow of mulch. (It didn’t even require a membership.)

6. Environment. On average our fruits & vegetables travel 1500 miles. Can you imagine the impact on our environment if only 10 steps were required to your backyard for fresh produce. The reduction in fuel consumed along with CO2 emissions reduced would be meaningful.

7. Peace. Leave the cell phone inside; step outside with no outside world intruding. You will experience new thoughts of clarity, creativity, direction, inspiration. My best prayers have been said while weeding.

Now you may be scratching your head thinking, “Hey, you grow my food, why do I need to?” Simply because I think (other than children) you are missing out on the best thing in life- growing your own food.

Please feel free to add a reason to grow your own food or a comment telling me how I can help you grow.

a pleasant & peaceful day to you,


Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemon blooms have a lovely fragrance; the blooms are just the beginning of the "deliciousness" to come.

A cross between a  lemon and a mandarin orange originating from China arriving to the U.S. in 1908 via Frank Meyer (thus the name). Excellent for a patio tree and worth the effort to protect against temperatures below 25 degrees.


Our first crop from three small trees provided 18 lemons. I can hardly wait to get make my lemon marmalade. Not much longer...

Be sure to look for Meyer lemons at your local farmer's market or nursery to enjoy the most splendid lemon imaginable.


Handling the farm eMail

Good Day!

This is my first post so I'm not quite certain who will be reading, fellow farmers, veggie lovers or whomever.

This past weekend I tackled an unwildly serpent of e-mail addresses. After 5 years of trying to keep contacts and addresses in MS outlook manageable I had to admit defeat. (Organization is not my middle name.)

After searching the internet finding many rather pricey e-mail management software I found

This e-mail program is within every farmer/ranchers budget "Free". It was easy to import my e-mail addresses, create a campaign and weed out old addresses. Completed in an afternoon.

The other cool feature is you can add a customized form to your main website for help in keeping those new inquiries organized. You can see my form on my website:


with a little help, life can be easier.


P.s. If you should sign up with mailchimp please let them know how you were referred.

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