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This Allergy Season try Winter Park Honey's Local ...

Blog: Winter Park Honey   -   Tuesday April 08, 2014   -   By Scott

Formerly known as Allergy Bee Gone, many of our customers, from Maine to Florida and North Carolina to California, claim this honey has helped them alleviate and, in some cases, eliminate their allergy symptoms.  We have a patent pending on this product....

Piranhas with Wings

Blog: What's the Buzz?   -   Tuesday July 26, 2011   -   By Marcie

We had quite an adventure here the other day. We were busily getting ready for a television crew to arrive....They wanted to do an interview and shoot some footage of the bees in action. So of course, I wanted everything to be perfect. Because we often have...

Spring Allergies Got You Down?

Blog: What's the Buzz?   -   Thursday April 07, 2011   -   By Marcie

Discomfort from allergies is nothing to sneeze at! Before you reach for medication, check out your local beekeeper. RAW, LOCAL honey can help! You'll need honey from your neighborhood, honey with the same floral mix as what's ailing you.  Here's how it...

Spring Kids

Blog: Anonymous Farm   -   Saturday March 07, 2009   -   By Risha

The last of the Spring kids have been born. Sad to say we lost a few. The plants are just starting to grow. Kids born last year: Gertrude is the tan one with the white belt. Splosh has the white face & body with black ears and Shirley has the white wiggle...

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