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Stork Dropped Some Kunekune PIglets!

Blog: Lonesome Star Farm   -   Tuesday July 30, 2013   -   By Craig

1 farrowed sow down... 3 more to go, whew!  Therefore, I'll have some inventory to work with to help you achieve your homestead's goals for the kunekune pasture to pork pure bred swine.  Full Announcement: Piglets introduced themselves to the world...

Kunekune Piglets are About to Hit Dirt!

Blog: Lonesome Star Farm   -   Thursday July 04, 2013   -   By Craig

Kunekune Primer Itemized list of kunekune pig's uniqueness, sustainability, and multi-purpose uses.  Craig, Lonesome Star Farm These categories below only serve to help readability since  all kunekune pigs will cross over into...

alone on the farm

Blog: Fleecewood Farm   -   Friday July 08, 2011   -   By Susan

How fast the time flies.  Its been a busy spring. My husband was out of the country for a month- and I was left to finish lambing and care for a brand new litter of Aussie pups-( 8 to be exact)- on my own. Each day brought new challenges, but to my...

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