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The Ladies

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Tuesday July 22, 2014   -   By Mona

As you may already know, last December we had alpaca ladies join our farm.   We had spent months trying to figure out how we could inexpensively build a new barn and pasture area for them.   We talked to other farms who house both...

Fourth of July - 2014

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Thursday July 03, 2014   -   By Mona

Home of the Free, Because of the Brave Happy Fourth of July everyone!


The Sling - Part 2

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Saturday May 31, 2014   -   By Mona

Sometimes, despite your best efforts and intentions, things just don’t go as planned. Spring arrived, and Shiloh was not able to regain the use of her back legs. Loving animals means your heart gets broken when they cannot be the beautiful creatures they were...

Welcome to Country Lakes Alpacas and Farm Store!

Blog: Country Lakes Alpacas   -   Saturday May 03, 2014   -   By Betty

Welcome to our farm! We are a family run alpaca farm in Lawton, Michigan, home to 18 beautiful, curious alpacas. In 2004 I thought it would be a great idea to "grow my own sweaters" and alpacas were an interesting idea.  Fast forward 10 years...

The Sling - Part 1

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Monday February 03, 2014   -   By Mona

I really don’t need to explain to anyone that it’s been a brutally cold winter this season. Temps have often been near zero and with the wind it’s well below zero. The tips of my fingers go numb within a minute or less of scooping up frozen beans. It’s a...

New Year's ~ 2014

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Monday January 06, 2014   -   By Mona

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  Bright Blessings for a happy, healthy, and prosperous year! Thank you all for reading our little blog.  We very much appreciate it. ~ Mona



Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Monday December 30, 2013   -   By Mona

Our little farm has grown to 20 alpacas.  This little fact now begs the question:  are we nuts?? In mid-November we brought home 2 more boys in need of a farm, Soloman and Sam.  Soloman is an all-black alpaca with a wild and curly...

The Fiber Twelve Days of Christmas

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Tuesday December 24, 2013   -   By Mona

once again, it's time for our annual song ................... On the twelfth day of Stitch-mas, my true love gave to me: Twelve knitters knitting Eleven cones a’ winding Ten orders shipping Nine rugs a’...


Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Wednesday October 09, 2013   -   By Mona

Oh my.  The past few weeks, we have been experiencing the best autumn weather, ever!!  The dew is usually dried off the grass by late morning.  I’ve been wheeling down a bale of hay around noontime.  Everyday, several alpaca...

Copper is home!

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Saturday September 07, 2013   -   By Mona

Do you all remember when our little Copper Moon was born? Well here he is now!  

For Lisa and Val

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Friday August 02, 2013   -   By Mona

The camera is working again!  Definitely operator error folks, so we'll just leave it at that.  :) In honor of the camera finally working, the first picture is for you, Lisa!  Here in front is Desi in full fleece, just before shearing...

The Alarm Call

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Friday July 26, 2013   -   By Mona

Things are still strangely quiet on our little farm.  I just can’t explain it but it all seems so oddly quiet.  The alpacas have their occasional moments of rough housing and it’s odd not to see Julio step up.  Sometimes Guinness...

Fourth of July - 2013

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Thursday July 04, 2013   -   By Mona

Home of the Free, Because of the Brave Happy Fourth of July Everyone!!



Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Tuesday June 25, 2013   -   By Mona

It’s been a long month since Julio left us.  Thank you all for your compassion and kind words.  Dan and I and the alpacas have all been getting into the new routine, the new normal.   The alpacas have been very quiet. ...


Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Wednesday May 29, 2013   -   By Mona

It is with deep sadness and a very heavy heart that I tell this story. On Sunday morning, we lost our dear friend, our alpha, Julio. It wasn’t a complete surprise.  Julio has not felt well for a very long time.  But he was a strong...


The Pronkfest

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Saturday May 18, 2013   -   By Mona

It’s springtime!  And with fibered animals that means it’s shearing season.  Professional shearers do extensive traveling this time of year.  They’re ‘on the road’ for a few months, driving from farm to farm setting up their mats,...



Blog: Happy Hills Alpaca Farm   -   Monday April 29, 2013   -   By wawanuky

                                        LIFE IN THE BACK LANE ...

Best Buddies

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Thursday April 04, 2013   -   By Mona

One thing about alpacas, and usually all animals, is that they make me laugh every day.  You just never know what silly thing they will do, silly to us humans but I’m sure just normal activity for them. I went out to the barn last night for my...

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Blog: Earthcare Suri Alpacas LLC   -   Saturday March 16, 2013   -   By Darlene

Happy St. Patrick's Week - yes, we are celebrating all week!  Starting Monday March 18 through Sunday March 23 if you buy $50 worth of products you will receive a credit of $5.  If you purchase an animal you will receive the credit, as...

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