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A Beautiful Sunday to All :)

Blog: Texas Herb Company& Crafty Threads   -   Sunday May 06, 2012   -   By Petra

Good Morning Everyone Wow, it is Sunday already. Time is just flying by. I did not get to see the bright moon last night since we had some serious cloud coverage and I was hoping and praying that the rain will find us here on the Ranch. When I walked...

A very Busy Day on the Ranch :)

Blog: Texas Herb Company& Crafty Threads   -   Wednesday April 25, 2012   -   By Petra

I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely day. It is pretty warm here in Central Texas and I have been a "busy bee ". Already the pasture clean up and fertilizing of the fields is complete. Fiber carded and spun, Floor Boards removed and I...

Over 90 Alpacas Get Naked

Blog: Alpaca Farmgirl   -   Friday April 06, 2012   -   By Katy

  White alpacas get shorn first Shearing alpacas kept us busy on St. Patrick’s Day at Fairhope Alpacas with 92 alpacas to shear. Shearing day is about working hard and working together towards a common goal. Me and Jim -...

Newly Weaned Alpaca Boys

Blog: Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch   -   Tuesday February 28, 2012   -   By Julie

Newly Weaned Alpaca Boys Written by Julie Wysong                 Today I went to check on the newly weaned alpaca boys. Weaning is when we remove the baby alpacas, called cria, from...


Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Monday February 27, 2012   -   By Mona

This winter continues to be warm and weird.  Most nights are still well below freezing but the days are still rather mild for New Hampshire.   We’ve hardly received any snow.   It’s the middle of February and we can see the grass and...

Fresh, New Items From the Farm :)

Blog: Texas Herb Company& Crafty Threads   -   Thursday January 19, 2012   -   By Petra

Greetings to Everyone :0 ) What a beautiful day it is. The weather here in Texas is quite warm for this time of year which makes it great to get some mid harvesting done on our herbs since we had such a drought this summer. I added fresh new...

Just Another Day on the Farm

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Thursday January 12, 2012   -   By Mona

This morning I headed down to the barn like I normally do.  So strange, this winter.  It’s been warm, many days into the high 40’s.  Aside from the freak October snowstorm , we really haven’t gotten any snow.  The ground is generally hard...

New Year's Eve - 2011

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Saturday December 31, 2011   -   By Mona

It’s New Year’s Eve! Well 2011 isn’t ending so wonderfully.  Julio’s jaw abscess has returned, thankfully not too badly, and this week I’ve had a sore throat/earache thing going on which is leaving me totally exhausted.  Perhaps Julio and...

Merry Christmas 2011

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Sunday December 25, 2011   -   By Mona

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Winter is Creeping in Slowly in Texas

Blog: Texas Herb Company& Crafty Threads   -   Wednesday November 30, 2011   -   By Petra

It is pretty nippy in the mornings for the last few days. The frost on the farm buildings is a reminder that it is the end of November and, yes, the winter is slowly creeping in. Although beautiful sun shining for most of the day makes it just wonderful to...

Hay ~ It's What's For Dinner

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Sunday November 27, 2011   -   By Mona

When Dan or I bring down a bale of hay on the 2-wheeler, we usually hardly make it into the paddock past the gate and this happens: Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!


Back Online

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Sunday November 06, 2011   -   By Mona

Needless to say, last weekend we received well over a foot of snow and lost power for several days............. Our shearer had come by early Saturday morning to help us trim the alpacas’ toenails.  Dan held them and Jay trimmed.  Thank...

Early Autumn Snow

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Friday October 28, 2011   -   By Mona

Late yesterday afternoon, I thought that Mother Nature was playing a trick on us.  The cold rain that had been falling all day quickly turned to heavy, wet snowflakes.  Our beautiful maple trees, leaves still ablaze with autumn reds and oranges,...

Alpaca Kisses

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Monday October 24, 2011   -   By Mona

Mornings in the barn usually start off like this: :):):) Enjoy your day everyone!

Peace and quiet ..........

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Saturday October 01, 2011   -   By Mona

I love it when everyone is getting along. :)

The Jealous Alpaca

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Thursday September 29, 2011   -   By Mona

Any guesses who? We’ve had an interesting week on our farm.  After having fresh, green, second cut hay delivered a week before we had planned, the alpacas have refused to go out to graze.  Instead they’ve been hanging around the barn and...

National Alpaca Farm Days

Blog: Alpaca Farmgirl   -   Tuesday September 20, 2011   -   By Katy

  This weekend alpaca farms across America will be hosting National Alpaca Farm Days on their alpaca farms. Our farm, Fairhope Alpacas , in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama will be open to the public on Saturday & Sunday, September 24 & 25th...

The Black Sheep of our Family

Blog: Happy Hills Alpaca Farm   -   Thursday September 08, 2011   -   By wawanuky

Well, every family has a black sheep and now ours does too, but literally! I've always wanted a sheep, even back in college at the Univ. of Wisconsin.  When I was bored, stressed, angry or all three I would walk to the Ag. barn and watch the sheep. ...

Creating with Alpaca Fiber

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Wednesday September 07, 2011   -   By Mona

We had a really, really nice summer here in our little corner of the US.  Most days I was able to enjoy utilizing my outside Fiber Studio.   This is my outside Fiber Studio: I, sitting in my backyard in my trusty...

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