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My Grandfather, the Canner - For Memorial Day

Blog: The Jam and Jelly Lady   -   Monday May 31, 2010   -   By Sonya

Wanted to take a moment to remember our fallen heroes today.  My grandfather served on the beaches of Normandy as a medic.  We were very close.  A few years ago the Montgomery County (Dayton, Ohio) Commissioners arranged a ceremony to...

APPLE HEAVEN and more...

Blog: Manoff Market Gardens   -   Thursday October 22, 2009   -   By Amy

October is turning out to be the best weather of the whole summer.   We've had a nice sunny week and the apples taste great.  We've already sold out of the early varieties of apples but we still have 12 different kinds in the market right...

Oh Applesauce!

Blog: Blue Faerie Farm   -   Friday August 28, 2009   -   By Ray & Jan

One of the big projects around our house starting in late summer and going through fall is making applesauce for our annual apple butter get-together. When my grandparents used to host the apple butter festivities, everyone would show up a day or two ahead of...

Top Ten First Foods for Baby

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Thursday May 14, 2009   -   By Cynthia

Feed baby the best.  Find out how to simply take part of the delicious whole foods the family is eating and make fresh food for baby this week on Cookus Interruptus.  

Ben's Friday Pancakes

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Thursday March 19, 2009   -   By Cynthia

These unique pancakes have no flour but use highly digestible soaked whole grains. Ben's Friday Pancakes (Cynthia’s frustration snowballs) Think ahead just a wee bit and enjoy these magical flour-less pancakes this week.  Lovely with a dab of ...

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