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Springtime at Family Farms CSA

Blog: Family Farms CSA   -   Wednesday April 02, 2014   -   By Foster

Spring is here! Yes! Spring has arrived at Family Farms CSA east of Sherman, Texas.   Along with spring has come a veritable cornucopia of veggies and delicious food for your table. Call Foster Fogarty and find out when you can come...

lots of rain, Dan's bringing beef

Blog: Abbe Hills Farm CSA   -   Friday April 19, 2013   -   By Laura

Greetings shareholders and friends of Abbe Hills Farm CSA, Market this week is at the Mt. Vernon Community Center at the east end of downtown, 11:00 until 1:00.  Charlotte isn’t able to make it, but I’ll be there will bells on – and with lots of very...

Recipe Wednesday at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market!

Blog: Bluegrass Farmers Market   -   Wednesday April 10, 2013   -   By Kentucky Proud

Today's Recipe Wednesday comes from Linda McMaine at McMaine's Riverhaven Farm in Mercer County. Linda is one of the founding members of the Bluegrass Farmers' Market and is currently serving as our President. The great news is she might even have some arugula...


Blog: Black Dog Farms   -   Friday November 16, 2012   -   By Kevin

Who knew? I sure had no clue. What started out as an experiment a few years back, has now converted me into a believer. In 2009 I put a few Arugula seeds in the ground because my wife had seen a recipe calling for it. Neither one of us had ever really tasted...

Winter markets begin

Blog: Abbe Hills Farm CSA   -   Thursday November 01, 2012   -   By Laura

Greetings,   This week is the opening market for the winter season in Mt. Vernon.  Market is Saturday, 11:00 until 1:00 at the Community Center on the east end of downtown.  All the vendors are excited to start the new...

The Lost Tooth and Fresh Produce

Blog: L'Ecuyer Gardens   -   Sunday May 20, 2012   -   By Twilya

So my Livie lost her tooth and now we must all wait to see if the Toothy Fairy lives up to her promise.   Tomorrow she goes for kindergarten round-up.   It does not seem possible that my baby will start school this fall.   Her birthday...

An Anticipated Visit From the Tooth Fairy and Grea...

Blog: L'Ecuyer Gardens   -   Friday May 18, 2012   -   By Twilya

My Livie is about to lose her first tooth.   It is wiggly and she is so excited.   She has heard about the Tooth Fairy but has not experienced her magic yet.  She has big plans for her soon found fortune.   I am serving carrots for...


Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Thursday May 17, 2012   -   By Chickadee1

Been checking to see what's coming in, and low and behold there's squash! So guess what I have in my salad today??? Also, arugula and kale still, and fresh radishes!  Love radishes, they are so FAST to grow! (28 days to harvest!) And they are good for...

Winter Greens

Blog: Red Goat Gardens   -   Thursday December 22, 2011   -   By Rick

We have an abundance of arugula. Email to get some.  

Fall and Winter Veggies

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Wednesday September 28, 2011   -   By Chickadee1

The fall garden at my house consists of broccoli, cabbage, collards, sugar snap peas, and lettuce. Planted some celery, too, still waiting to see what that looks like!   I still have arugula, as it reseeds itself pretty well.  Still getting a few...

fresh arugula!

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Thursday March 24, 2011   -   By Chickadee1

Had my first "leaf" of arugula today while i was weeding the greens patch....mighty good picking food straight from the ground and eating it right there!  Don't think you can get fresher than that!  



Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Monday March 21, 2011   -   By Chickadee1

Yesterday I picked my first collards of the season and they were delish!  I had some Kale to eat up, too, so I cooked them together.  The arugula is really starting to shoot up, too, and I can't wait to have some in a salad, hopefully next...

It's warming up!

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Friday March 18, 2011   -   By Chickadee1

It sure has warmed up the past few days, it's 81 degrees right now in Marietta Georgia !  I am loving the weather, and watching my arugula, collards and kale reach for the sky! Hope it doesn't stay 81 too long, though, i'd hate to have them go to...

Market Day

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Friday March 11, 2011   -   By Rowena

The last few days are a total blur...started Wednesday with a little planting, some bok choy, tatsoi, more spinach and of course a sprinkling of radishes and green onions.  A market gardener plants in a completely different pattern than most conventional...

We Needed It!

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Sunday March 06, 2011   -   By Chickadee1

We sure needed the rain we are getting this weekend in Marietta! Making things poke up out of the ground further and green up! My small patch of kale, collards and arugula are looking good!  Fig tree has buds....and the blueberry bushes, too! Can't...

Salad Season

Blog: Rocking A Sustainable Farm   -   Wednesday March 02, 2011   -   By Harlan and Lori

Salad season is here in full swing! We mix lots of different lettuces, along with michihli leaves and florets, baby beet tops, baby carrots, shogoin turnip roots, radishes, and pea shoots for the most delicious and fresh salad ever! Try some with a strawberry...

What do you have coming up??

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Friday February 25, 2011   -   By Chickadee1

Hello, all, I'm just curious what folks in other parts of the country (or even in my own city!) have coming up (if anything), either in the garden/field, greenhouse or on the window sill!  I have collards, kale, and arugula up, as well as Cilantro...


Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Saturday February 19, 2011   -   By Rowena

Okay the winds were a real test on the overall structure, but now we get to find out what the snow load is on the single layer of polyethylene...came home from church and dinner and found 4 inches or so already built up and decided not to take any chances and...

Loving this weather!!

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Tuesday January 25, 2011   -   By Rowena

There are some days you just feel like you have a new wind in your sails, and today one was one of them.  I finished putting the last couple hundred onions in....can't wait for those Spring onions!!  I squeezed in beets and radishes in between, and...

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