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Spring Fever

Blog: Antaya Acres Heritage Farm   -   Monday March 01, 2010   -   By Brett & Stephanie

Ten inches of snow 3 days ago, and here I sit filling in my seed order.  I am so ready for garden Its infecting my dreams.  Last night was the piglets raiding the pumpkin patch dream, and I don't even have the pigs and the garden on the same...

Stampedes and snowfall!

Blog: Antaya Acres Heritage Farm   -   Sunday January 10, 2010   -   By Brett & Stephanie

What a beautiful morning here in Michigan.  Big fluffy flakes were floating down slowly and the glare off of the new fallen snow was almost blinding.  I love days like this.  Being from Northern Wisconsin originally, I cherish bright mid-winter...

Pre-winter busyness on the farm - barns, piglets, ...

Blog: Antaya Acres Heritage Farm   -   Thursday November 19, 2009   -   By Brett & Stephanie

With winter just around the corner, you would think things on the farm would be slowing down as the days continue to shorten.  Not so here at Antaya Acres.  Our last fall litter of piglets arrived the other day, and are doing grand: 11 beautiful...

Long anticipated Litter of Piglets FINALLY arrive!

Blog: Antaya Acres Heritage Farm   -   Sunday November 15, 2009   -   By Brett & Stephanie

Our final litter of piglets for the season finally arrived last night.  Congratulations to Junebug, our 18 month old registered Tamworth sow!  11 vigorous cross-bred youngsters were born in less than an hour and a half.  She is an expert...

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