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Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)

Blog: Carob's Farm Chaga, Soaps, Lotions and Teas.   -   Thursday May 30, 2013   -   By Robin

Chaga mushroom, is found on Birch and other trees in cold climates, it has been used in folk medicine in Russia and other European countries for generations.   Chaga draws nutrients from the tree it grows on and extracts the medicinals from the inner...

Maple/Birch Tapping

Blog: The Mushroom Hut @ Fox Farms   -   Thursday March 14, 2013   -   By Alan and Susan

We have been doing workshops here on the farm showing how simple it is to tap maple and birch for your own use...doesn't have to be a large "sugar bush". We show how you can take simple household items for the processing and not have to put money...

Yep, winter is finally over!

Blog: Alaskan Hen House   -   Tuesday April 28, 2009   -   By Terrisa

Our snow and ice is completely gone. But we are deep in mud right now. It seems to be everywhere and completely unavoidable. Cleaning up the pen yards has been trecherous with it being so wet but a definite necessity. Our teens and their friends are making...

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