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What's new in 2014

Blog: Folls Flower Farm   -   Wednesday February 05, 2014   -   By Thea

Wedding Flowers For the first time since we started the farm in 2000 we are going to have some "pick your own flowers" this year.  The flower choices that customers can pick will be specific shrub varieties such as our twelve different kinds of...

Making Your Cut Flowers Last Longer

Blog: Gib's Farm   -   Tuesday July 16, 2013   -   By Gibby

Care of Cut Flower Arrangements It's so sad to see a beautiful arrangement begin to wilt and droop. Follow these simple rules to make your flowers last longer:  Get flowers home and into water ASAP Rinse the stems, recut, and remove any leaves...

Fresh Lavender Bundles

Blog: Labyrinth Hill   -   Thursday July 12, 2012   -   By Susan

Magical lavender wands may look complicated but with a little practice, you'll be making them with ease. The challenge is finding fresh lavender stems that are pliable enough to bend for the weaving. Simple Instructions for Weaving a Lavender Wand ...

Spring is Coming!

Blog: Folls Flower Farm   -   Monday February 06, 2012   -   By Thea

This winter has been the least snowy of any I have ever experienced in upstate NY.  We have only had about eight inches of snow all winter and most of the time grass is visible.  My horses are happily munching old pasture instead of eating their...

Rites of Winter

Blog: Folls Flower Farm   -   Sunday January 15, 2012   -   By Thea

Every year about this time I am inspired to plan the coming year.  I search seed catalogs for the newest and best flowers to grow, I research what colors and flowers are "in"for the coming wedding season and I resolve to exercise more, do my...


Blog: Blue Moon Lavender Farm   -   Monday July 19, 2010   -   By Magdalena

The lavender harvest has started and we are up to our eyeballs in lavender. The house, the car, the storage shed, all smell intensely. When we stop by the store, people smile and say: good harvest, eh? It's the best yet - purple, beautiful, fragrant, long...

The Doe Comes Again

Blog: Blue Moon Lavender Farm   -   Wednesday June 30, 2010   -   By Magdalena

The doe with the triplets turned out to be two does, one with twins, one with a single fawn. They seem to swap babysitting duties and generally graze together. The fawns are getting bigger, and more frolicky. It's a joy to watch them running through the tall...

Sunny Day on the Lavender Farm

Blog: Blue Moon Lavender Farm   -   Saturday June 12, 2010   -   By Magdalena

A brilliantly sunny day in Sequim today. The bees are very busy - we love the lavender honey they produce and the hives have mostly revived after a tough winter for the bees. The dark purple, english lavenders are starting to show their color and we are busy...

Lavender Party

Blog: The Lavender Path   -   Saturday August 01, 2009   -   By Debra

Great times with 13 adults and 3 children for our first lavender defoliating party for 2009. After spending the morning breaking down one of our lavender racks, we have enough dried lavender to make great bouquets and sachets for the coming year for...

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