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The Chickens Next Door

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Friday April 12, 2013   -   By Katie

The moral of today’s post is that a major component of suburban/urban chicken keeping involves being a good neighbor… sweater or otherwise. Let’s face it – not everyone thinks keeping chickens is a super idea, regardless of how many benefits...

Irish Blessings

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Monday March 18, 2013   -   By Emily

It sure looks like a winter wonderland outside my windows today! We've had over a foot of snow fall since the beginning of the weekend, erasing most of the signs of spring around the farm. Last Monday was a different story, though! The pasture...

An Excellent Pig for the Smal Farm

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Friday August 10, 2012   -   By David

Tamworth Sows circa 1920 I'm often asked: "What makes a great pig?" It could be many things depending on what your goals are, but for us at Spring Hill Farms it means: 1) It should be a true heritage breed. 2) Posses a strong,...

All about Barred Rocks Chickens.

Blog: Fertile Chicken Eggs | Chicken Egg Incubators   -   Monday May 28, 2012   -   By Suzie OConnor

The Barred rocks breed of chicken is casually referred to as "rocks" in breeder circles. They're a cold hardy breed that is ideal for small individual farms. They're also a favorite of small backyard flock owners since they double up as great...

heritage breed rabbit fryers for sale

Blog: Borrowed Thyme Farm   -   Sunday November 20, 2011   -   By Michael & Denise

We are taking orders for rabbit fryers from our American and Silver Fox rabbit herds. Please call for availibilty.

How I'm helping Save Heritage Breed Pigs

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Friday March 11, 2011   -   By David

Heritage Breed Tamworth When I first started raising Tamworth pigs they were listed with The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy as "critical." Since then they have been moved to the "threatened" list. While there are many ways to...

Broad Breasted White Turkeys Are Not A Qualified B...

Blog: Rainbow Ranch Farms   -   Thursday January 27, 2011   -   By Poly

Turkey breed facts: Broad breasted white INSERT FROM RAINBOW RANCH FARMS:  Check to see if your thanksgiving turkey, meets your standards, sometimes, not all turkeys qualify as a turkey breed. Try to educate your farmer, encourage your local farmer...

Chickens For Meat? - Cost/Breed/Feed?

Blog: Rainbow Ranch Farms   -   Saturday December 25, 2010   -   By Poly

Chickens For Meat? - Cost/Breed/Feed?   C hickens For Meat? - Cost/Breed/Feed?   For the full article please click on the link below   by Ireland-or-bust » Thu...

The Tamworth Breed History - Another Take

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Monday December 20, 2010   -   By David

  Tamworth Boar circa 1914 The Tamworth is probably the purest of the modern breeds of swine, it having been improved more largely by selection and care than by the introduction of the blood of other breeds. One historian claims ...

Tamworth Pig Taste Test

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Tuesday November 09, 2010   -   By David

Normal 0   Did you know? The Tamworth is one of the great ‘dual purpose’ pigs producing stunningly good pork as well as equally tremendous bacon. In the mid 1990’s the Tamworth came top in a taste test carried out by...

No Soy! Feed Heritage Pasture Raised Chickens

Blog: Deck Family Farm   -   Wednesday August 11, 2010   -   By Christine

Deck Family Farm is please to bring you our No Soy! Feed Heritage Pasture- Raised Chickens.  We have plenty in stock but they are going fast. Contact us for more information.

More rain

Blog: Pine Needle Farm   -   Wednesday June 16, 2010   -   By Ann

It just keeps on raining.  We have an inch now, and it's still coming down.  It let up for a couple of hours this afternoon, so I let the goats out for a while.     Since I was inside, I did some spinning, crocheting and cheese...

Dottie's kids finally arrived

Blog: Pine Needle Farm   -   Sunday April 11, 2010   -   By Ann

  Well, Dottie's kids finally arrived on Friday the 9th, at 11 am and 11:40 am.  Two huge boys!  Rusty throws some big stout kids!  Mom and kids are doing fine.  Now the boy/girl ratio is skewed towards the boys again.  Out of...

Kids are arriving!

Blog: Pine Needle Farm   -   Sunday April 04, 2010   -   By Ann

Wow, time goes by fast!  It's April already and the kids are popping out left and right.  There are seven so far, five cashmere and two dairy.  They are so cute!!!  It makes me happy watching them bouncing around without a care in the...

Easy Winter...So Far

Blog: Pine Needle Farm   -   Saturday February 20, 2010   -   By Ann

I haven't posted here in a long time!  We are having a pretty easy winter this year.  Not much in the way of snow, only about a foot, if that.  It's been above average temps for quite a while.  I am liking the lack of snow, it makes it much...

The Challenges of Heritage Breed Stock

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Tuesday January 19, 2010   -   By David

In the last few days I have spoke with several people wanting to start raising Tamworth pigs. They usually want to know about a couple gilts and an un-related boar. Oh how I wish we could run a couple different lines of Tams but it requires way more...

Winter and Snow

Blog: Hurricane Farm   -   Tuesday January 12, 2010   -   By Chris

Winter has set in and we have a solid covering of snow.  Looks like we'll be covered until the maple sap is running in March!  It snowed earlier than usual and has been colder than usual.  Such a combination has resulted in a nice white blanket...

My Four-Legged Tiller, Part 2

Blog: Hurricane Farm   -   Wednesday October 14, 2009   -   By Chris

The frost has hit and the squash is done.  Sadness creeps into the picture as one looks around at the dying plants.  The sqash was commanding the garden mere days ago, but its leaves are now turning a sickly dark color.  The frost sneaks in...

Pigs on Pasture

Blog: Hurricane Farm   -   Wednesday May 06, 2009   -   By Chris

The "little" pigs have finished tilling up our orchard area and we have planted four apple trees so far.  The trees are already starting to form buds! So it was time to move the piglets to a new area in which they can put their concerted...

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