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Moving around the ducks and the geese

Blog: Triton's Farm   -   Monday June 10, 2013   -   By Triton

This week on the farm: I sold my small flock of Silver Appleyard ducks. I found them a good home where they will be kept as a breeding flock. I really liked them, but in my desire to get this farm more efficient we decided to only keep one breed of ducks so...

Keeping an Egg Flock: Spring Begins!

Blog: Emma's Family Farm in Maine   -   Sunday March 25, 2012   -   By Rose and Steve

In order to sell free range eggs, one must be keeping free range layings hens as naturally as possible. If the farm is to be diverse, those hens should be relatively easy to care for and meld into the farm's systems seamlessly -- in other words, each step of...

The chicks have arrived!

Blog: Seasons at Procter Farm   -   Thursday March 22, 2012   -   By Rebekah

The air was still cool and the ground shrouded in early morning dew when a piercing ring broke through the air, alerting me that 50 Barred Plymouth Rock chicks had arrived at the London Post Office. I had no idea that people were even at the post office so...

Brooding chicks and poults

Blog: Haskins Family Farm   -   Friday March 06, 2009   -   By Robert

So we ordered 20 poults (baby turkeys) that arrived this week. Well, actually, we did get 20 turkeys but 13 were dead when we picked them up at the post office. We got a call from the USPS expediter at 11pm (!!) Wednesday night from the local sorting center...

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