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Big Daddy

Blog: Cowmomma's Cupboard   -   Wednesday October 20, 2010   -   By Cowmomma

This year's calving season is running later than usual.  Most of the time, all our babies have arrived before the leaves start to turn.  We bred back more heifers this year though, which makes for a less predictable calving schedule as the young...

Noisy Day and Nights

Blog: Cowmomma's Cupboard   -   Saturday February 13, 2010   -   By Cowmomma

All the calves have been rounded up and moved into the weaning enclosure so the days and nights have been noisy here at the ranch.  We apologize to the neighbors!  The five little ones in the back are still sharing fence-line contact with their...

Racing Like the Wind!

Blog: Cowmomma's Cupboard   -   Sunday January 25, 2009   -   By Cowmomma

AH..... Sunday afternoon.  My secret vice- movies on Lifetime Movie Channel.  Yesterday I was in the middle of a nice, juicy one when my husband came rushing in and yelled, "Baroness got out when I was feeding them and she's running wild, and...

MIss Cali Rae, Media Sensation

Blog: Cowmomma's Cupboard   -   Friday January 23, 2009   -   By Cowmomma

Imagine my amazement when I opened my newsletter yesterday, and there was my baby girl, Cali Rae- bucking the lights out.  I figure there are going to be folks out there who are not familiar with bucking bred cattle and so am posting this entry to make...

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