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Moving the Rabbit Barn

Blog: The Rabbit Barn   -   Friday August 30, 2013   -   By Crystal

The Rabbit Barn has started the move to a new chicken house!  I started a year ago in a chicken house and it proved to be so much better for the rabbits.  During that terrible heatwave last year, I was losing rabbits by the hour, even with ice...

Alpaca Bunny Smackdown

Blog: Alpaca Farmgirl   -   Thursday August 06, 2009   -   By Katy

It started as a friendly competition among online Twitter buddies Kathryn and Lynn. They got to talking about whose fiber was finer (& perhaps better), Lynn’s adorable angora rabbits’ or Kathryn’s beloved alpacas’? They decided that they would settle...

Kathi spinning Angora from the Bunny

Blog: Oldhaus Fibers   -   Monday June 01, 2009   -   By Joel & Kathi

Ha ha... I've gotten YouTube figured out!  Take a look here... Kathi's spinning at the Shepards Fest ... on Mothers' Day 2009 

Adding YouTube Video's

Blog: Oldhaus Fibers   -   Monday June 01, 2009   -   By Joel & Kathi

I've just built a YouTube account... Iowaangora...   Let's see if I can get pictures posted... let me know if you do see them!    JLH

Bunnies, & Bunnies, & Bunnies on my !

Blog: Oldhaus Fibers   -   Wednesday May 13, 2009   -   By Joel & Kathi

Wow!   What a day we had yesterday!   It was "labor & delivery" day @ the bunny barn!  We had 12 does on our "probably bred" list. 8 Does had litters! They all were given nest boxes last Friday!   Funny, some...

Cedar Rapids RBA Show 4/18 & 4/19

Blog: Oldhaus Fibers   -   Wednesday April 22, 2009   -   By Joel & Kathi

Wow, what a busy weekend.  We had 2 class 4 shows on Saturday (smaller rabbits) and 2 class 6 shows on Sunday (the big ones)   Ahren showed in Youth on the Mini Lop table, and got Best of Breed both times with his Opal Mini, "Delilia"...

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