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Forget the tent

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Sunday May 29, 2011   -   By Mary

When camping out in the wilderness, it is easy to bring too much.   In considering what to leave behind, give a thought to forgetting the tent.   By bringing a stout sleeping bag (Coleman offers some very nice affordable bags) and a large tarp, you...


Have you camped in your backyard?

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Sunday May 22, 2011   -   By Mary

A fun adventure for children is camping in the woods, but the next best thing is camping out in the backyard.   While a safe place for the family to explore the basics of camping and do a “dry run” of a real camping adventure with children, it provides...

How best to enjoy wild foods

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Thursday May 13, 2010   -   By Mary

One of the best ways to appreciate the changing of the seasons is to get a CSA membership and, as the parade of flavors passes by your plate, even a casual observer can take notice that nature provides exactly what we're hungry for when we're hungry for it. ...

Ziplock Omlets

Blog: Lonesome Mile Farm   -   Friday February 26, 2010   -   By Kathryn

Ziplock Omelets This works great whether you are camping or at home.  A fun and easy way to serve weekend guests a special omelet.  Crack 2 large or extra large eggs into a quart size Ziploc bag, shaking to combine. Put out a variety...


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