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Hive loss over winter

Blog: Miss Scarlett's Homegrown Produce, Texas-made Gifts & More   -   Wednesday January 30, 2013   -   By Miss Scarlett

This year has not been lucky for me as far as beekeeping.  However, as a new beekeeper, I can say the year has brought about several new "learning experiences" for me.  I got to try my hand at extraction twice this year, the first time...

What is Colony Collapse Disorder and can we save t...

Blog: Dansk Farms of Florida   -   Sunday May 24, 2009   -   By Joe

Apis   Mellifera , or the honey bee is a truly fascinating animal ( Schingler , 2008). We rely on the bee for pollinating plants and trees, producing honey, and making possible the harvest of foods from earths’ end to earths’ end. But lately across the...

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