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Blog: Medicine Woman   -   Sunday July 20, 2014   -   By Elaynn

THIS IS PART ONE   of  HERBS THAT JUST ARE NOT SAFE TO USE   At present, herbal products can be sold without requiring studies on their safety or effectiveness.  It is up to the individual to decide for themselves...

Dangerous Herbs that EVERYONE should be leery of

Blog: Medicine Woman   -   Saturday May 10, 2014   -   By Elaynn

The desire to get back to nature is increasing the numbers and ages most likely to be poisoned  by using herbs.  It's not just the folks who want to use alternative medicine for their healthcare, larger numbers of us are hiking, camping and wild...

Chaparral herb can cause liver and kidney damage

Blog: Medicine Woman   -   Thursday January 16, 2014   -   By Elaynn

  The herb   Chaparral refers to three herb species: Larrea tridentata, Larrea divaricata and Larrea mexicana, a/k/a   creosote bush, greasewood, or hediondilla    Scientific/medical name(s): Larrea...

Chaparral: 11,000 Years of Skin Protection?

Blog: Morgan Botanicals   -   Monday March 08, 2010   -   By Jessica

Chaparral is one of the most widespread plants found on the desert floor, and some of them are noted to be the oldest living plants in the world. Expansive areas of these shrubs are found growing throughout the desert in western San Bernardino County, and...

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