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Tabasco sauce

Blog: Chiles and More   -   Friday August 16, 2013   -   By Pam

 If you like Tabasco sauce, there's nothing better than making your own.  It's so very easy.  And, you don't have to just use Tabascos.  Last weekend I picked some red Serranos (once they turn red they are mushy so they are great for...

summer is in full swing

Blog: Chiles and More   -   Thursday August 15, 2013   -   By Pam

Well, summer is in full swing right now.  Many seeds have been collected.  I collected a few Black Naga's last night.  This is also the time to enjoy a bit of the harvest.  By the end of the summer I am sure I will be sick and tired of...

Tomatoes on the vine and more news from Bunn NC

Blog: Grow And Share   -   Wednesday May 27, 2009   -   By Kay

Well, things at the Bunn Sharing Garden are popping!  The flowers on the tomatoes and tomatillos have made way for tomatoes hanging on the plants.  We're hopeful tomatillos will soon follow.  Tomatoes hanging despite the Colorado Potato...

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