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Foodie Friday includes Firetrucks

Blog: Marshfield Farmers' Market   -   Sunday June 08, 2014   -   By Lorrie

I was watching a period drama put on by BBC where several small businesses worked together to cross utilize their wares and provide a better end product to the customer.   Our own community teams together with the Farmers’ Market at its core to...

What should I plant new this year?

Blog: Triple B Produce   -   Tuesday January 31, 2012   -   By Farmer Brenda

Every year we plant something new in the garden.  Any suggestions?  I have never planted collards.  I am not sure if we can grow these in Wisconsin.  What are you looking forward to the most in the garden?  My favorite is green...

Fall and Winter Veggies

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Wednesday September 28, 2011   -   By Chickadee1

The fall garden at my house consists of broccoli, cabbage, collards, sugar snap peas, and lettuce. Planted some celery, too, still waiting to see what that looks like!   I still have arugula, as it reseeds itself pretty well.  Still getting a few...

Happy Wednesday!

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Thursday September 22, 2011   -   By Chickadee1

The collards, cabbage and broccoli are gaining on the kale now that the weather has turned a bit.  I think they've grown an inch or two since I last checked two days ago! Exciting ! Everyone have a blessed day!  debbie

fall crops

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Tuesday September 13, 2011   -   By Chickadee1

Well, I am learning! It seems that the row covers help here in the deep south....when trying to grow fall crops of kale, collards, cabbage, broccoli, and other various things....I experimented with not using them versus using them. The sun/heat killed the...

Shorter not cooler

Blog: The Farm Report from Turkey Hill   -   Thursday August 18, 2011   -   By Farmer Herman

Hey Everybody. I like the shorter days, because with this heat if we had to endure one more minute before the sun went down.... We have our kale, and collards, and tronchuda up in the greenhouse. Keeping it cool in there is the big deal. 105 yesterday.We even...

weed or seed?

Blog: The Farm Report from Turkey Hill   -   Thursday August 11, 2011   -   By Farmer Herman

I would like to blog but can't find the time.  Our collard seedlings are up and the kale. A second round of basil and parsley for the winter, snapdragons too. waiting a little while for broccoli and chard. We will plant Asian Greens next week and Carrots....


Blog: Eaters' Guild   -   Wednesday July 27, 2011   -   By Laurie

Collards Collards are a tough, savory green. They go well in stir-fry's, soups, and can make your salad more robust. Another great way to use them is to make a wrap. The leaves can be used raw, like for potato salad, or cooked, like a burrito. One of my...


Available vegetables and fruits

Blog: J&J Produce   -   Monday July 11, 2011   -   By Diamond

I realize it has been quite a while since I last blogged. I apologize. The last week or so has been a grateful relief. A lot of the evgetables were doing poorly due to the lack of rain. All that has changed in the span of about a week and a half. Things that...


Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Sunday May 29, 2011   -   By Rowena

I went to water some transplants in Greenhouse #1 and out of the corner of my eye I saw what was the tail end of a red racer going into some mint so I thought he was hiding there.  On closer inspection there was a hole....he has made his home there. ...

New vegetables off the vine today

Blog: J&J Produce   -   Thursday May 26, 2011   -   By Diamond

Well so much for the blogging everyday. I started this entry earlier and was almost ready to post it when our adorable set of four kittens decided they just had to be all over the keyboard and mouse at the same time I was using it. So much for that entry....

Lots of produce here at cancelled.

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Thursday March 24, 2011   -   By Rowena

Well Murphy's Law prevailed...I did the largest harvest this winter and sold a fair amount in Phelan so I came home and harvested more...did not check my email and sure enough Wrightwood is cancelled.  I will be here in the morning with farm open 8-12...

Tomorrow...just the beginning.

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Wednesday March 16, 2011   -   By Rowena

After a long awaited wait the new greenhouse is producing bountifully and I am still not done rebuilding rows and planting!!  Tomorrow we will be bringing French Breakfast Radishes, gorgeous long scallions, Moonstruck Salad Mix, Leaf Lettuce mix (for...

We Needed It!

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Sunday March 06, 2011   -   By Chickadee1

We sure needed the rain we are getting this weekend in Marietta! Making things poke up out of the ground further and green up! My small patch of kale, collards and arugula are looking good!  Fig tree has buds....and the blueberry bushes, too! Can't...

Salad Season

Blog: Rocking A Sustainable Farm   -   Wednesday March 02, 2011   -   By Harlan and Lori

Salad season is here in full swing! We mix lots of different lettuces, along with michihli leaves and florets, baby beet tops, baby carrots, shogoin turnip roots, radishes, and pea shoots for the most delicious and fresh salad ever! Try some with a strawberry...

What do you have coming up??

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Friday February 25, 2011   -   By Chickadee1

Hello, all, I'm just curious what folks in other parts of the country (or even in my own city!) have coming up (if anything), either in the garden/field, greenhouse or on the window sill!  I have collards, kale, and arugula up, as well as Cilantro...

What a great community!

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Thursday January 27, 2011   -   By Rowena

Today was a long, but a very gratifying day.  I started the day with checking the emails...there were more orders...late, but I can never deny a customer if there is any way I can meet the order.  One of the orders was for Cornish Game Hens and I...

Christmas Harvest

Blog: Uwharrie Farm   -   Sunday December 20, 2009   -   By Judy

                    It is the week before Christmas and I am harvesting fresh veggies here in central NC.  How fortunate I am.  Collards and Savoy Cabbage have survived well in the garden...

Geese LOVE Collards

Blog: Re Rustica   -   Thursday February 26, 2009   -   By fullofbeans

Quick! Catch her!  Our Head Goose almost makes her getaway with the collards! What do the geese like almost as much as our specially mixed bird feed? Collards.   The geese love the flavor so much that, while they normally share...


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