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Composting in Place

Blog: The Depot Farm   -   Tuesday November 04, 2014   -   By Phil

  With a large area cultivated and planted every year, producing enough compost in a pile is impossible. We use mulch to conserve water and control weeds wherever possible. By adding leaves, grass clippings, and plant debris throughout the year (spread...

Rain and Rabbits!

Blog: Pleasantrees Farm   -   Friday April 04, 2014   -   By James

Rabbits and Rain! April 4, and the snow and ice is finally gone form our yard and pond respectively.  It has been replaced with rain, and I even heard some thunder and saw a couple flashes of lightning this morning. So, instead of working in the yard,...

Why Chickens?

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Tuesday April 09, 2013   -   By Katie

We have chickens! Why raise chickens? I’m so glad you asked! If you live in the city or the suburbs or think chickens are gross or too much work or you just can’t do it because you don’t know enough or or or… this post is for you. There are lots of...

Early Spring 2013 Update

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Monday April 01, 2013   -   By Katie

NOTE: Ooops! Somehow I managed to only save this as a draft and did not publish it. This was supposed to be posted on April 1 (no joke). Keep that in mind as you read my "today"s and "yesterday"s. - Farmer Katie Today’s Headline: No...

Making Compost Tea @ Origins Farm

Blog: Origins Farm   -   Monday March 25, 2013   -   By Alistar

Like a great cup of earl grey tea, compost tea is a simple, yet elegant brew that soothes the soul. Of plants, that is. We often use compost tea on our new seedlings for increasing fertility in the soil and to increase its resistance to soil-borne...

How to Use Leaves in Your Yard and Garden

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Friday November 09, 2012   -   By Katie

Learn more at Leaf Pick-Up or Pack-Up? I’m pretty sure we’re the only family on the block whose lawn is still covered in leaves. Why? Because leaf pick-up happened at least a week ago. In our suburban neighborhood, leaf...

Why Composting?

Blog: Veteran Compost   -   Friday August 10, 2012   -   By Justen

The question I get asked the most often is "why composting?"  So, I figure I should tackle it in my first blog post. After 5 years as a Combat Engineer Officer in the Army, I thought it was time for a change.  So, I switched to the...

Opening soon!

Blog: Collins Powder Hill Farm   -   Friday February 24, 2012   -   By Jack

We are looking forward to opening for business on April 1st for pick up orders.  Of course we are taking orders for delivery earlier than that.  With this warm weather this winter our customers are in the gardening mood already, and the phone calls...


Baby Bio-ponic Veggies for your farm or garden

Blog: Rancho Organica   -   Tuesday November 29, 2011   -   By Matthew

New startup business for Ventura and Santa Barbara counties; Custom grower of baby Organic Bio-ponic baby veggies- using organic potting soil, bio-dynamic compost (Malibu) Organic starter fertilizer, compost tea and Organic only seed from reputable seed...


Blog: Gardens On Air, LLC.   -   Friday October 21, 2011   -   By GOA

We are currently working to create our own compost based fertilizer tea for use in our Aeroponic System.  We will keep you posted on the results of our trials.  If anyone has any opinions on best methods, please feel free to post.  Thanks - GOA

Pick up a Pumpkin at the Williamsburg Farmers Mark...

Blog: Williamsburg Farmers Market   -   Wednesday October 12, 2011   -   By WFM

Williamsburg Farmers Market 402 W Duke of Gloucester St. in Merchants Square Saturday, October 15 8:00 a.m. – 12 noon Jim Gay of Colonial Williamsburg Foodways will be at the Chefs Tent; Flute Frenzy will perform; and Master Gardeners will...

Pictures from Spring Cleaning Day

Blog: Sweet Harmony Farm   -   Tuesday May 24, 2011   -   By Mona

Camera snaffu is finally corrected!  [aka, I'm not all that fast at figuring out computer stuff] Here's a small pictorial from our Spring Cleaning Day . Poo Pile composting in progress [yes...

Back to growing

Blog: Big Valley Ranch   -   Sunday May 15, 2011   -   By Desiree

Hay to all who are feeling ignored. So sorry but our attention has been focused elsewhere. The garden has been started and is also running late, which is good given our most recent weather. We have had almost freezing temps yesterday and today, hail as...

How Green Can We Grow

Blog: Family Farms CSA   -   Wednesday March 23, 2011   -   By Foster

How green can you grow?  Foster Fogary, owner of Family Farms CSA, has a green house full of tomatoes, lettuce, and many other veggies.  They will be planted soon and will arrive at someone's table. All this was made possible by mother...

Have you been dreaming of a garden too?

Blog: Collins Powder Hill Farm   -   Friday March 04, 2011   -   By Jack

We are all gearing up for spring and waiting for it to appear.  It has been a hard winter it has been for farmers in the Northeast, and all over the country.  We are ready for warm weather!  We will be opening our renovated compost barn to our...


Free Protein for Chickens

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Monday February 07, 2011   -   By David

Laying Hen Spring Hill Farms I'm constantly looking for new and free (or cheap) protein sources for chickens. Obviously for us here at Spring Hill Farms it also has to pass clean food test as well. I'm not of the mind that "free" is good no matter...

Thank you for your support!

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Saturday January 15, 2011   -   By Rowena

A family came to the farm today from the city....they were lost  parked on the corner of my property with me and the chickens waving at them trying to get their attention. I was so self-conscious because my place is more of a construction zone than a farm...


Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Wednesday January 05, 2011   -   By Rowena

Sprouting Joy turned the business over to me and so this week was experimental week for growing and eating!  I succeeded and they were so good!!! Next experiment is in Hemp bags!!  One little experimental line of Aquaponics going in this...

New Price List

Blog: Herron Farms   -   Tuesday August 31, 2010   -   By Tim

Posted by Herron Farms on August 24, 2010 at 8:40 AM   Herron Farms Aug 2010 Price List ½ pound red worms 14.00 plus 8.50 next day priority shipping 1 pound red worms 28.00...

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