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Christmas hams, the butcher, and more!

Blog: Bindel Farms   -   Thursday December 13, 2012   -   By Jason

We are almost half way through this month and in 12 day it will be Christmas!  There is so much that has happened in this month to make it so busy on the farm.  We have been in the process of sending our hogs off to the butchers to get...

Meet Yardie

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Friday March 30, 2012   -   By Emily

Pop Quiz! Do you know what the #1 irrigated crop in the U.S. Is? It's something most of us see every day, is grown in virtually every neighborhood nationwide, and nothing eats it. The answer is grass. More specifically, lawns. More of our nation's...


Stinky Gold

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Tuesday January 31, 2012   -   By Jeff

Today I am heading out with one of my best friends to get a load of cow and chicken manure. This stuff is like black gold for the garden! Chicken manure is the richest animal manure in N-P-K. One has to be a little careful with chicken manure as...

Jersey Milk!

Blog: Vineyard Farms   -   Friday July 01, 2011   -   By Anna

For those of you who have been patiently waiting ofr our farm to start selling Jersey Milk, Butter and Cream... THE WAIT IS OVER!  Call today to reserve your order!  404-610-1540


Oxen alternative to beef

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Tuesday June 14, 2011   -   By Mary

The use of cattle for beef and dairy is not unusual in Colorado, but the training of oxen for draft and pleasure is.   Oxen are typically employed on the Eastern seaboard, while mules have been popular a long time in the South.   Here in the west...

Questions from a customer on Milk "Cow Shares"

Blog: SonRise Ranch   -   Saturday March 12, 2011   -   By Douglas

Hi there! I love shopping with you at the Vista market! I'm interested in getting some information about your cow shares program (did I use the right terminology?) for milk. Email works, or I could pick up at the market, or whatever works! Thanks! ...


Blog: Rainbow Ranch Farms   -   Monday January 24, 2011   -   By Poly

ON RAW MILK : If we, as a collective group, do not stand up for our rights to consume healthy, or even unhealthy foods of our choosing, soon the F.D.A. will tell us what we can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and in between). ...

Alternative Feeding Methods - Hogging Down Corn

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Monday November 15, 2010   -   By David

  The practice of letting pigs eat the corn from the stalks is a good alternative way of finishing pigs. It is a great labor saving practice because instead of having to pick the corn the pigs do the picking! It was a popular method in the early 1900's...

Veggies for a Hot Summer Garden

Blog: Lazy Ox Farm   -   Thursday September 09, 2010   -   By Margie

We didn't intend to do hot summer garden trials this year, its just one of those things that happened to us. Gardens were failing all around our area, but we ate well and had an abundance to share. So, we thought we should share our successes with other folks...

The Further Emergence of Spring

Blog: Hurricane Farm   -   Thursday April 22, 2010   -   By Chris

Spring continues its forward progession.  New calves have been introduced to the growing "herd" out in the pastures... A new lamb, named Vera, is introduced to some of the other sheep in the flock... A little girl...

Spring is finally here!

Blog: Kiss My Grass Farm   -   Saturday April 17, 2010   -   By Dot and Brian

 Spring is here! After what has been a hard winter at our place it is a relief to see the grass greening up and hear the peepers calling. Spring has brought quite a few new additions to the farm. We have four 1/2 Dexter calves (one set of twins)...

58 Days Till Spring!!!!!!

Blog: For Dragonflies And Me   -   Wednesday January 20, 2010   -   By Neil & Jean

Hello from the winter wonderland!  We've had some beautiful, I say that loosely, weather here.  We had a hore frost that lasted 3 days.  There wasn't any direct sunshine to melt it all away.  It was simply stunning. The chil...

Kelsey the Cow, She shows how well we REALLY take ...

Blog: Ebersole Cattle Company   -   Tuesday January 12, 2010   -   By ShanenEbersole

Kelsey, (the red, horned cow pictured) is 17 years old this year.  That may not seem old to you.  But the average age of a cow is 6 years old.  Most cows are culled at or before age 8.  A 10 year old producing cow is amazing! So,...

Great Bulls, Even better cows!

Blog: Ebersole Cattle Company   -   Wednesday December 16, 2009   -   By ShanenEbersole

Wow! What a day! Yesterday, we pregnancy checked our cows.  What this means is that we worked them through the chute and our veterinarian checked if they were pregnant, and thier estimated due date. WELL, the news was great!  We checked 65 of...

Winters coming, but then follows spring!

Blog: For Dragonflies And Me   -   Thursday December 03, 2009   -   By Neil & Jean

Greetings to all! I guess it's not really winter yet.  not till the 21st. Yesterday, (Dec. 2) Taylor and her baby pig Losif and I were outside in flip flops, no jackets weeding some of the raised beds.  I pulled out the lettuce stalks that I...


It's raining again

Blog: Twin Creeks Farms- Wesley Stephens and Bethany Stephens   -   Wednesday December 02, 2009   -   By Wesley and Bethany

We are certainly thankful to be out of the drought that plagued us for the last couple of years, but this fall has turned out to be much wetter than we thought it would be. The remnants of Tropical Storm Ida dropped six inches of rain about three weeks ago,...

Waiting for Wednesday...

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Sunday November 08, 2009   -   By Emily

Farmers are generally patient people.  There is a lot of waiting from the time a seed is planted until you can eat the results, and depending on the animal, it can be a very long time waiting for the arrival of a baby!  But sometimes even patient...


The Race Is On

Blog: Hurricane Farm   -   Sunday June 21, 2009   -   By Chris

It's been raining on and off for almost three weeks now here in Southern New England.  The forcast calls for rain and thunder storms for the next 7 days.  This is good for some of our garden but detrimental to tomatoes, peppers, and people who don't...


Blog: MM Livestock Co   -   Wednesday June 03, 2009   -   By Megan

Here is one of the ways we are transparent in our practices. We can trace our cattle and lambs from conception to consumption. Each animal is given a number shortly after birth, an ear tag with that number is placed in the animals ear. That number corresponds...


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