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The Wonders of Nature Never Cease to Amaze!!

Blog: Rockgate Farm   -   Sunday July 10, 2011   -   By Angela

Who would have thunk it?!    After going missing for quite a long time, the prodigal duck has returned.....with (13) ducklings in tow.  AMAZING!!   I told the family that she had most likely succumbed to the marauding pack of...

Coyotes play hockey and eat pizza

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Wednesday March 30, 2011   -   By Mary

At dusk the coyotes were singing so loud I could hear them inside.   I went out and listened to their songs.   I guessed they were having dinner, but I am still not sure what kind of pizza they were sharing. Coyotes are very picky...

May 12- Gosh I’m glad I have a live stock guardian...

Blog: Greene Hills Farm   -   Tuesday May 12, 2009   -   By Stephanie

Spring time is grand. Not only do we have baby greens to tend, but we have baby goats and baby cows and unfortunately, hungry coyotes.   I remember in the Fall of 2007, when I bought Travis- 18 months old, ½ Great Pyrenees,   ½ Anatolian Shepherd,...

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