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Women as Farmers

Blog: L'Ecuyer Gardens   -   Saturday February 11, 2012   -   By Twilya

I was in Wichita yesterday at the Women Managing the Farm Conference and it is always good to visit with other Agra Women.  I was invited as a speaker and shared some information about a I project I have worked in over the past three years that looked at...

Urban Oasis Project puts together great local prod...

Blog: Urban Oasis Project   -   Monday December 13, 2010   -   By Melissa

Our vision is every yard or outdoor space with vegetables and fruits growing. No more lawns, just food. Windowsills, balconies, all planted with food plants, as well as pollinator and wildlife-supporting plants. An urban oasis. We want good, clean, fair...

Forward Progression

Blog: Cowmomma's Cupboard   -   Wednesday April 22, 2009   -   By Cowmomma

I'm jumping back on here fairly close to our last listing because I didn't want to leave the negative, down and depressing entry as the last thing we'd posted for very long.  Though times are hard, we are keeping on, keeping on. Dan had word of a marine...

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