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Summer Season 2014 - Sunshine for Dinner - The Far...

Blog: Sunshine for Dinner   -   Saturday May 10, 2014   -   By Georgiaberry

  Bring me some veggies! Summertime is on the horizon. Just look at that gorgeous table full of delicious, healthy, locally grown fruits and vegetables! I'd love to ring your doorbell and hand you a bag like this. If you're in the Texarkana area and...

Blogging from the road

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Thursday April 14, 2011   -   By Mary

It is facinating that in this modern age I can post this from our delivery truck as we travel about town!  (of course, I'm in the passenger seat!)  Pretty cool, huh?


Delivering Poetry

Blog: Re Rustica   -   Wednesday March 04, 2009   -   By fullofbeans

Our geese know today's different!  We're travelling 1000 miles! The geese know today's different. Our truck is fueled with biofuel and ready to roll! They walk up to us and make their gossling begging call, asking us to pick them up and hold...

Free Home Delivery

Blog: Re Rustica   -   Monday February 09, 2009   -   By fullofbeans

Shameless promotion alert! (but don’t worry, it’s not all our own promotion - we’re also stumping for some friends - the Southern California Biodiesel company) Of course, if this blog entices you to order from us, as well, well…...

You can't cry over non-delivered milk.

Blog: Green Grocer Chicago   -   Sunday January 11, 2009   -   By Cassie

In running a small grocery store that works primarily with small and local farms and producers, you get to deal with situations that stores like Jewel and Whole Foods never even dream about (or have nightmares about as it were).   On most days, I...

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