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Women as Farmers

Blog: L'Ecuyer Gardens   -   Saturday February 11, 2012   -   By Twilya

I was in Wichita yesterday at the Women Managing the Farm Conference and it is always good to visit with other Agra Women.  I was invited as a speaker and shared some information about a I project I have worked in over the past three years that looked at...

Reasons for Optimism

Blog: Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm   -   Friday May 01, 2009   -   By Jody

Recently, I had an email discussion with a good friend regarding "Peak Oil," our current economic crisis, and the future of agriculture and community. With his permission, I'm sharing some of our discussion here. Tom said : Hey, I...

What I'm currently reading.

Blog: Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm   -   Tuesday April 07, 2009   -   By Jody

Deep Economy - The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future by Bill McKibben

My New Favorite Book

Blog: Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm   -   Wednesday March 25, 2009   -   By Jody

Tina vs. Lois An Exotic Seductress vs. the Constant Lover In my new favorite book, The Small-Mart Revolution ( ), Michael Shuman pits Tina against Lois, and Lois kicks *ss. As you might guess by the title, this...


Blog: Trautman Family Farm   -   Saturday March 21, 2009   -   By Scott&JulieTraut

I have several drafts awaiting one button click to have "the world" view them. Yet I hesitate. Heavy on the sermon, too doomy gloomy. And that's not me; even if what I say needs to be said. And then I think, are those that need to see it going to see...

Tthe value of ranch land and attitudes

Blog: Bastrop Cattle Company   -   Monday December 01, 2008   -   By Pati

I had a very unnerving event this past weekend.  It happened at the local farmers market that we sell our beef at every Friday and Saturday. It went  something like this.  Another vendor stepped up to me and said; "Don't you live on such...

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