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Irish Blessings

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Monday March 18, 2013   -   By Emily

It sure looks like a winter wonderland outside my windows today! We've had over a foot of snow fall since the beginning of the weekend, erasing most of the signs of spring around the farm. Last Monday was a different story, though! The pasture...

Our First Calf

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Monday April 04, 2011   -   By Emily

Finally, the April showers today are rain and not snow.  It's been a rather cold (and white) beginning to spring so far.  But it is spring, and so we're getting busier every day now!  Last Sunday,  I was hoping for a relaxing day to...


Happy Fall to All!

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Wednesday September 22, 2010   -   By Emily

Happy fall to everyone!  It has been so busy around here,  I feel as though I've been neglecting my blog.  So here is my attempt to get you caught up with our goings-on! I've meant to mention that Finnbar has gone home to Muirstead Farm....

Surprise Publication

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Thursday August 12, 2010   -   By Emily

I truly enjoy blogging here, and I get excited when people mention that they read my blog.  Knowing I have "fans" motivates me to post something when I otherwise wouldn't bother.  I am still thrilled to see my name on the LH homepage list...

Cold Cold Cold

Blog: Hanging Mountian Farms LLC   -   Sunday January 10, 2010   -   By Ted and Carlene

The cold this week in North Georgia is unusual in our recent experience. However, I am a life long Georgian and I have seen this before. I grew up in Kennesaw in an old farm house and remember weeks of sub freezing tempretures in the 60's and weeks without...

Waiting for Wednesday...

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Sunday November 08, 2009   -   By Emily

Farmers are generally patient people.  There is a lot of waiting from the time a seed is planted until you can eat the results, and depending on the animal, it can be a very long time waiting for the arrival of a baby!  But sometimes even patient...


Dexter bull + White Park cow = skunk

Blog: Kiss My Grass Farm   -   Monday May 18, 2009   -   By Dot and Brian

Yep that's right now we have a skunk calf. lol We bred our Dexter bull, Will to our 2 White Park cows. White Park calves are usually white with a black noses, black in their ears and black "freckles" on their backs and legs. One of the crossbred...


Blog: Hanging Mountian Farms LLC   -   Sunday February 22, 2009   -   By Ted and Carlene

         My neighbor is helping provide hay this winter. This hay is helping preserve the pasture until things start growing in the spring. I figured we had one to two weeks to go until spring growth begins. He is a well...


A little new year miracle

Blog: Kiss My Grass Farm   -   Saturday January 03, 2009   -   By Dot and Brian

She's finally here! We have our first baby Dexter. Katie gave us a beautiful little black heifer sometime during the night on Friday. We found her Saturday morning. She's shiny, black and frisky. I think we'll name her KMGF Grass Kissed Promise. My...

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