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In celebration of the Farmall 140

Blog: Origins Farm   -   Friday April 19, 2013   -   By Alistar

In 1973, a little red tractor died. It was a sign of the times. President Richard Nixon told the Associated Press “…people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook. Well, I’m not a crook.”; The OPEC oil embargo began; Elvis and Priscilla...

Making Compost Tea @ Origins Farm

Blog: Origins Farm   -   Monday March 25, 2013   -   By Alistar

Like a great cup of earl grey tea, compost tea is a simple, yet elegant brew that soothes the soul. Of plants, that is. We often use compost tea on our new seedlings for increasing fertility in the soil and to increase its resistance to soil-borne...

All about Barred Rocks Chickens.

Blog: Fertile Chicken Eggs | Chicken Egg Incubators   -   Monday May 28, 2012   -   By Suzie OConnor

The Barred rocks breed of chicken is casually referred to as "rocks" in breeder circles. They're a cold hardy breed that is ideal for small individual farms. They're also a favorite of small backyard flock owners since they double up as great...

Regional Differences in Beef cut Names

Blog: MM Livestock Co   -   Friday October 16, 2009   -   By Megan

There are some regional differences in cut names as Shanen pointed out. Here on the West Coast we have Ranchera, Further east it's called flap, Out here its an O-Bone, there it's an arm Roast. Ribe-eyes are Spencers, And of course the California Coined Tri-...


Blog: Willow Springs Market Garden LLC   -   Monday October 12, 2009   -   By Robert

We have our saffron bulbs coming up again. Saffron is a crocus bulb that grows and flowers in the fall. One of the most expensive of spices because of all the labor involved in processing it. The 3 or 4  red stamens of each flower are picked by hand and...

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