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Summer Eats

Blog: Hurricane Farm   -   Tuesday July 07, 2009   -   By Chris

Nothing beats a fresh, home-grown meal.  Do your best to enjoy all the wonderful foods out there this time of year!

Easter Dinner

Blog: The Call Again Farm Journal   -   Monday April 13, 2009   -   By Laura

Yesterday was Sonny's big day.  He made a wonderful centerpiece for our Easter dinner, and all of our guests couldn't get over how tender and delicious the turkey was. We didn't have enough stuffing, though.  After being plucked, etc., Sonny weighed...

Table Talk

Blog: Slow Life with Real Food   -   Tuesday December 02, 2008   -   By Amber

Want a great way to get a healthy dinnertime conversation started? Play the 'Table Talk' game! It's not a game really, more than it is about being aware of where your food comes from. To play is quite simple. Make something to eat, eat it, and talk about it....

Got Beef?

Blog: Good Season'n With Herb'n Renewal   -   Friday November 07, 2008   -   By Karin

Thought we would share one of our very most favorite "Sunday company" meals with you on our very first entry to our new blog. :)  This recipe is so simple and sooooo very delicious.  We were proud to be asked to participate in a...

Honey, When's Dinner? or "0.5 Hour Dinner #1"

Blog: Blue Moon Lavender Farm   -   Monday October 20, 2008   -   By Magdalena

Cinnamon Chicken Go ahead, be brave! when you need to speed up the reality, reach for this recipe, which may seem exotic, but is so easy that it doesn't even register on the difficulty scale. I mean, less than 0 difficult. How is that for a dinner from...

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