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Sleeping Earth

Blog: Spyglass Gardens   -   Saturday January 03, 2015   -   By Steve or Wendy

As we celebrate the New Year, we look forward to its unfolding. Looking out at the fields all covered with snow we can hear the earth sleeping. Such a silence is peaceful and sweet. While others scurry about, the farmer simply admires the slumber of the good...

Soil Quality and Produce

Blog: Harvest Michigan   -   Thursday December 04, 2014   -   By Local Foodette

When it comes to growing produce, the quality of soil is extremely important to our organic farmers. There are many factors that go into soil quality, which ultimately determines plant productivity and nutrient value. Soil tests are done annually at our farms...

Publicity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blog: Sweet Pumpkins Farm   -   Friday July 15, 2011   -   By Donna

Well...all the fuss today and for the next week is all about Worcester Magazines front page article "Dirt to Dinner ". It  published this week Thursday the 14th of July 2011. Page 11; Sweet Pumkins Farm Stand has a full page...

Treasure Unearthed Today

Blog: Heritage Harvest Farm   -   Tuesday March 22, 2011   -   By MattCorinneFletcher

With rain forecasted for today and tonight, I was desperate to get outside and work on the south bed of the poly tunnel this morning. Matt had gone over it with the tiller over the weekend, but I really needed to get in there with my pitchfork and work up the...


In the Dirt

Blog: 3 Acre Farm   -   Wednesday February 23, 2011   -   By Janelle

In the dirt now!   Sugar peas, snap peas, florence fennel, Golden Globe turnips, White Egg turnips, French grey shallots, French red shallots, Dutch yellow shallots, Petit Dejeuner French breakfast radishes, Optima butterhead lettuce, Red salad bowl...

Garden soil needed for school gardens

Blog: Grow And Share   -   Tuesday September 29, 2009   -   By Kay

We are working with two elementary schools putting in gardens. The gardens are expected to be installed during October, barring no delays. One is needed at the start of October to fit with the teacher's lesson plans. We have materials, tillers, labor and...

All for naught

Blog: Sunrise Farm   -   Thursday February 26, 2009   -   By Jetboy

I'm not new to computers but this is my first "blog" experience. Since we are really gettin goin on the farm right now, I thought I would share an experience none of you have had (yeahrightsure). A couple of years ago I read a really cool article in...

The Zen of Gardening

Blog: Greenjeans Farm   -   Saturday February 07, 2009   -   By Jeff & Toni

It’s early February and I can’t wait to get out to the greenhouses! Today is damp and foggy and cold.   I am eyeing the   packets of herbs and flower seeds on the kitchen counter anxiously.   Our greenhouses are an oasis to me....

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