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Quiz for the week

Blog: Cooper Roost   -   Monday September 15, 2014   -   By Andrea

Ok, quiz for the week:   Guess which ones are the duck eggs and which ones are the chicken eggs? Yes, we now have duck eggs for you to buy! If you guess correctly, you can come by for a FREE duck egg to try.      

Chicks are hatching & hens are laying!

Blog: Borrowed Thyme Farm   -   Wednesday February 27, 2013   -   By Michael & Denise

Spring is on it's way and chicks are hatching. Our hens have bumped up their egg laying with the longer days. We have set up our breeding pens and will have hatching eggs and chicks/ducklings available. For those gardeners out there, we have a steady...

Now taking orders for our summer flock of meat chi...

Blog: WannaBeaFarm   -   Thursday January 31, 2013   -   By Cynthia

We order all of our pastured chicken from the chicks arrive at the post office with in one day of hatching, delivery date is dependent on the hatch date. The chicks are raised on local feed and scratch purchased from the Mieserville...


Blog: New Dawn Farms   -   Friday October 19, 2012   -   By Dawn

Did you know the agricultural production of ducks has steadily declined since the 2nd World War. Meanwhile the production of broiler chickens has skyrocketed. Think to yourself how often do you eat duck? Have you ever eaten duck? Do you like duck? Are...

duck and chicken orders

Blog: Borrowed Thyme Farm   -   Wednesday February 29, 2012   -   By Michael & Denise

We are taking orders for whole ducks, chickens and rabbits. We are starting the hatching process and the birds will reach butchering weight by early fall. Put in your order now, to get a tasty heritage bird or rabbit.


Chicken and Duck Eggs For Sale

Blog: Borrowed Thyme Farm   -   Wednesday February 01, 2012   -   By Michael & Denise

Our chickens and ducks are still going strong, laying about 3 dozen per day! We will soon be setting up the breeding pens.


Duck eggs vs Chicken eggs

Blog: Evergreen Acres Goat Farm   -   Sunday January 29, 2012   -   By Goat Lady

Duck Eggs are an Alkaline producing food - Anti cancer food - much better Farm Fresh eggs with a rich smooth orange yolk whether Chicken eggs or Duck eggs will surprise you if you have only experienced the colorless and flavorless supermarket...

Louie the alpaca-duck

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Monday November 14, 2011   -   By Mary

Louie the alpaca has made good friends with the ducks.  Perhaps he is spending too much time with the ducks... he is splashing in mud puddles, and when we refill the duck ponds, he likes playing in the hose water, diving through the stream.  When the...

Ducks and more ducks!

Blog: Borrowed Thyme Farm   -   Sunday July 03, 2011   -   By Michael & Denise

Lots of people have been asking us for ducks eggs. Well, this year we ordered 30 more ducks, so once the hens start laying, we will be able to fill all the requests.


Eggs for sale!

Blog: Borrowed Thyme Farm   -   Monday April 18, 2011   -   By Michael & Denise

Our chickens and ducks have started laying in full force, now that the days are longer again. We can fill monthly orders and large orders, just give us a call.

How To Raise Ducks and Ducklings

Blog: Fertile Chicken Eggs | Chicken Egg Incubators   -   Saturday April 16, 2011   -   By Suzie OConnor

Ducks are a unique animal to raise as a pet, but raising such a special pet requires extra attention. Make sure you raise your ducks from ducklings, or better yet from eggs, to ensure they will respond well to human contact. By raising your ducklings from a...


Blog: Penzance Farm & Garden   -   Saturday April 09, 2011   -   By Gwenyth

We now have DUCK EGGS!  $1 each.  Please call for availability -- they go FAST!   508-476-1317 


Duck Attack

Blog: Smaht Fahm   -   Saturday March 26, 2011   -   By Erin

My heart is heavy this morning--a fox visited last night and took 5 of my remaining 8 ducks.  He took four newly egg laying females, which adds insult to injury.  It's our fault, however, because we forgot to go and put the ducks in their pen last...

Missouri Musings

Blog: Angel Acres Farm, LLC   -   Thursday February 03, 2011   -   By Karen

Beautiful sparkly snow and crispy cold made us move the geese and ducks into the barn instead of leaving them in their little triangle coop outdoors.  How cold can they usually endure overnights?


FARM MARKET SALE- 505 N. Greene St., Greensboro, N...

Blog: Dodge Lodge Farm   -   Tuesday November 30, 2010   -   By Mike Causey

Local Milk Sale & EGGNOG & butter & ice cream -- made in Guilford County, NC by HOMELAND CREAMERY.   Location: Greensboro Downtown Farm Market, 505 N. Greene St., Greensboro, NC 27401  (336) 210-194  Hours: 9:00am - 6:00pm Mon...

Purebred Hatching Eggs, Chicks or Pullets For Sale

Blog: Borrowed Thyme Farm   -   Tuesday November 16, 2010   -   By Michael & Denise

For anyone interested in hatching out their own chicks, we will start the incubation process in Janurary. I will post on my blog, which breed I'm doing at a particular time. Anyone interested in hatching eggs or buying chicks let me know. I can ship eggs,...

What's available for 2010?

Blog: Anonymous Farm   -   Thursday April 29, 2010   -   By Risha

Thank you for your interest in our farm and in CSAs. Anonymous farm is a true small scale family farm. Freezer meat orders are still being taken for 2010. The CSA shares for eggs, produce and honey are sold for the 2010 season. If you cannot find a local...

Haven on Earth

Blog: Ward Hilltop Farm   -   Friday December 04, 2009   -   By LuvPats

Fourth generation farmers, we delight in building a traditional country farm atmosphere.  A 'haven on earth', hillsides surround us speckled with cattle, as well as wildlife and birds attracted by Conservation Reserve Program acreage strewn with prairie...

November 2009

Blog: Garden of Ethan   -   Monday November 02, 2009   -   By Ethan

I have grossly miscalculated my ability to keep up with processing all the birds I raised this year. Slipping an extra dozen into the incubator, and then another, and later finding a hen sitting on eggs, all seemed rather innocent and inconsequential this...

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