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What is Sustainable Living?

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Tuesday November 20, 2012   -   By Katie

In January of this year I wrote Our Story and mentioned that I would eventually share with you why we believe a micro-farm provides health (sustainability) not only for our family but also for the community. Since that time, I’ve used the term ...

Announcing the Golden Girls!

Blog: Golden Acres Ranch, LLC   -   Friday September 23, 2011   -   By Bobbie

Our sheep and goats are now available for hire! Recover your landscape in a most charming and environmentally friendly way. Their work is impressive. Take a look at what they can do with kudzu in just a couple weeks. We call them the Golden Girls . Find out...

Atrazine and other Endocrine Disruptors

Blog: Miolea Organic Farm   -   Friday March 05, 2010   -   By Brian

There was a study recently linking Atrazine to the castration and feminization of frogs in test labs.  Atrazine is used primarially in weed control applications by industrial farms and other large operations.  The San Fransico Chronicle wrote about...

Hemming and Hawwing

Blog: F.A. Farm   -   Sunday April 12, 2009   -   By Walter

On April 10th & 11th, Western Washington University hosted a Food Justice Conference. I sat on a panel Saturday morning on local food availability. Afterwards, Toni and I sat in the audience for another panel discussion about the economics of...

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