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The Truth About Eggs... Part 2

Blog: Rockgate Farm   -   Sunday July 17, 2011   -   By Angela

Part 2:   Are free range, pastured eggs higher in certain Vitamins and Omega 3 Fatty Acids? Welllllll, before I answer that question, clarification of terms is required.  The general public is actively being mis-led by...

USDA Hare Tactics - Protest Scheduled for May 25 i...

Blog: IICFA   -   Monday May 23, 2011   -   By GrannySue

This came from Doreen H. - who lives in MO and has been fighting against NAIS with us for more than 7 years now. The saga in Missouri continues...  If you are headed down that way or happen to live in Missouri - this would be a good protest to attend....

FDA Finds Cloned Animals Safe to Eat

Blog: Rainbow Ranch Farms   -   Monday February 28, 2011   -   By Poly

FDA Finds Cloned Animals Safe to Eat But moratorium on sales to remain in place By Robert Longley , Guide Thank you to: Robert Longley and for this informative article. Filed In: ...

More Proof - The FDA is Out to Get Farmers

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Saturday January 15, 2011   -   By David

Tamworth Duroc Cross Pigs 2005 In yet another move against farmers, the FDA recently took a "no holds barred" approach to being adversarial to farmers. They attacked one of their own. If you were wondering if the FDA was your friend as a...

Protect Family Farms! Save Food Freedom!

Blog: Rainbow Ranch Farms   -   Friday January 07, 2011   -   By Poly

Protect Family Farms! Save Food Freedom!   By Stanley Fishman, Author of Tender Grassfed Meat   The FDA has gone to war. It has marshaled all its resources, and obtained the support and help of...

Watch Milk Labels - Unless you Like Cancer

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Thursday November 25, 2010   -   By David

Major victory in Ohio on the milk labeling battle! Since 1994, this substance has been banned in Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and all 27 nations of the European Union. Still holding on: the United States... [More]

So, let the games begin!

Blog: Rockgate Farm   -   Wednesday June 16, 2010   -   By Angela

So, it finally happened.....The Government drew a line in the sand  that I just wouldn't/couldn't cross.   Just one more hit to the small farmer/producer.  In my misguided attempt to "do it right", I made it past the county...

Preserving the Right to Preserve

Blog: Rockgate Farm   -   Tuesday March 16, 2010   -   By Angela

MY GRAMMA DIDN'T USE NO STINKING PH METER!!!!!! Ok, so I may be a little out of touch with the times, and granted...I do live in my own little world....but I like it here!!!  In my little world, we remember and follow family traditions.  We...

Small Growers Still need to Speak Out on S. 510

Blog: Elliott Family Farm   -   Sunday December 13, 2009   -   By Samuel

S. 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 could expand the FDA’s power to oversee agricultural production, a function historically done by the USDA. What this means to small producers, CSA’s and other market garden operations is unclear. In its current...

Another Reason to Buy Local Honey

Blog: F.A. Farm   -   Monday January 26, 2009   -   By Walter

This morning I read the third installment of a special report on the problems with Chinese honey. This report was published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer . The first two installments were published December 30th and 31st, 2008, and track a problem...

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