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Rain and Rabbits!

Blog: Pleasantrees Farm   -   Friday April 04, 2014   -   By James

Rabbits and Rain! April 4, and the snow and ice is finally gone form our yard and pond respectively.  It has been replaced with rain, and I even heard some thunder and saw a couple flashes of lightning this morning. So, instead of working in the yard,...

Container Gardening Tips

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Monday April 29, 2013   -   By Katie

The more I learn about sustainable living, the more convinced I become that everyone can grow fresh food at home. Not everyone can have the same 1,500 square feet of garden space that we have here at Arcadia Farms, but even renters and apartment...

Eggs and ice storm

Blog: Abbe Hills Farm CSA   -   Friday February 01, 2013   -   By Laura

Greeting shareholders and farm friends, Farmers market tomorrow, Saturday, February 2, is at the Mt. Vernon Community Center, east end of downtown, 11:00 until 1:00.  I'll have lots of eggs that I wish you would come buy.  Turns out that ice...

Turning the soil important to fertility

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Monday December 10, 2012   -   By Mary

Turning the soil regularly is important to fertilization. Even without the addition of manure (green or animal), more than 16 kilograms per hectare of nitrogen can be mineralized in the soil from tillage by giving air to the microorganisms in the...


A Very Busy Day

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Friday April 06, 2012   -   By Jeff

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Starting Seeds, Easy Liquid Fertilizer, Deterring...

Blog: For Dragonflies And Me   -   Tuesday April 03, 2012   -   By Neil & Jean

Starting Seeds in doors is very easy and extremely rewarding!  All you need is a few everyday household items~ *If you buy organic baby lettuce, greens or spinach than you will have access to those handy clear plastic containers with lids.  These...

Heirloom Vegetables - A Little Bit of Our Heritage

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Tuesday February 21, 2012   -   By Jeff

What draws many of my customers to heirlooms is flavor. They want a tomato that tastes like a real tomato, not a plastic one. They long for corn that tastes like it did when they were a kid. They search for a sweet, juicy muskmelon,...

Heirloom Peppers and a Long Day

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Sunday February 19, 2012   -   By Jeff

Today was another productive day. Although, I wish I could have attended worship this morning. Nonetheless, I was able to complete the manure detail. It is all spread and ready for the ground to be worked down this spring. I worked on the seed room and...

Another Exciting and Productive Day

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Saturday February 18, 2012   -   By Jeff

I am so excited! Today was awesome! I was able to get another couple of loads of manure spread on our vegetable ground. It is amazing to be out in the field getting ready for the upcoming planting season. I had to clean a little manure off of the road from...

An Exciting Season Just Around the Corner

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Thursday February 16, 2012   -   By Jeff

Well another day without being able to spread manure. Maybe tomorrow if it remains frozen in the field. I certainly do not want to make a big mess out of the ground by driving over it and packing it all down because it is too muddy. I am going to try it this...

Yesterday, All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Thursday February 16, 2012   -   By Jeff

Have you ever had a day that really did not go the way you thought it should go, but later turned out very productive? Well that is how yesterday went! It started out with finding out the manure was too sloppy to haul. If I was to put it in the spreader, it...

Manure - I Am Excited!

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Wednesday February 15, 2012   -   By Jeff

I never thought the would come that I would be excited to haul manure, but I can honestly say that I am pumped! It is really going to be a lot of fun getting out in the field today. I will probably freeze and it won't be the most pleasant smell, but I really...

Stinky Gold

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Tuesday January 31, 2012   -   By Jeff

Today I am heading out with one of my best friends to get a load of cow and chicken manure. This stuff is like black gold for the garden! Chicken manure is the richest animal manure in N-P-K. One has to be a little careful with chicken manure as...


Blog: Gardens On Air, LLC.   -   Friday October 21, 2011   -   By GOA

We are currently working to create our own compost based fertilizer tea for use in our Aeroponic System.  We will keep you posted on the results of our trials.  If anyone has any opinions on best methods, please feel free to post.  Thanks - GOA

Top crops for cheimcals

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Monday July 04, 2011   -   By Mary

When you’re doing your grocery shopping next time, here’s a report you might want to consider.   The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has recently published its seventh annual “Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce” which presents a list of the...

Manure Tea for Strong Plant Roots

Blog: Manure Tea-Organic Gardening   -   Sunday June 13, 2010   -   By GreenSoilTea

Manure Tea for building strong root base systems naturally is easy to achieve with Authentic Haven Brand premium soil conditioner teas. You can now grow all your indoor and outdoor garden plants naturally, with our Easy to Brew, Easy to Use manure tea there...

Growing Tomatoes: Greenhouse

Blog: Uwharrie Farm   -   Monday May 24, 2010   -   By Judy

         Heating the greenhouse can be one of the greatest expenses.  Fortunately we have been able to cut the cost by heating the greenhouse with scrap wood collected from local businesses.  Keeping in...

Spring is Alive

Blog: Hurricane Farm   -   Monday April 05, 2010   -   By Chris

Spring is alive at the farm and the surrounding woodlands and wetlands.  The frogs have been peeping for weeks, and now after their loud rituals we are finding egg sacks in the "frog pond" and along the banks of the brook and stream. ...

How to Grow Great Tomatoes

Blog: Uwharrie Farm   -   Tuesday December 08, 2009   -   By Judy

     Nothing says summer like that first vine ripened tomato from the home garden.  Now is a good time to brush up on your tomato growing techniques.      Tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene, lots of vitamin...

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