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Fire Blight!

Blog: Thistle Byre Farm   -   Monday June 10, 2013   -   By Abby

Fire blight causes every fruit farmer's heart to skip a beat!  This  dreaded bacterial woe hit our small farm this week causing our family to pick up their tree trimming supplies in a hurry and use them with gusto. Dipping our tools in a Clorox...

Sad day yesterday

Blog: Four Country Gals   -   Wednesday April 04, 2012   -   By Shari

Shortly after 11AM yesterday, we got a frantic phone call from of our neighbors to the north. All Cindy could understand was "fire". Quite quickly, she settled Leroy down enough to know it wasn't his house. Turned out, he'd looked out his south...

What A Day, What A Day!!

Blog: Prairie Pride Farm of Minnesota   -   Thursday September 22, 2011   -   By Dawn, past 4-H member

On Sept 2nd we had the first fire on the farm that I know of.  Roger had just been outside doing morning chores then came in the office of the house to make a few phone calls and a neighbor starting pounding on the kitchen door.  "Do you...

Raising Funds to Recovery From our Big Fire

Blog: Recovery from our Huge Fire   -   Monday March 07, 2011   -   By Wendy

Hello Everyone,   We just experienced a huge fire 2 days ago and have lost our main building in which we use for generating our income. We lost all tools of our trade and many personal items that can never be replaced along with all supplies needed to...

Homemade Fire Logs

Blog: Rainbow Ranch Farms   -   Friday December 24, 2010   -   By Poly

The link to the actual proceedure is below. Many houses in cold climates have wood fires to help warm up the home in winter, rather than just the gas heaters that you usually see in city living. Not only does it create a lovely ambient setting in...

How best to enjoy wild foods

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Thursday May 13, 2010   -   By Mary

One of the best ways to appreciate the changing of the seasons is to get a CSA membership and, as the parade of flavors passes by your plate, even a casual observer can take notice that nature provides exactly what we're hungry for when we're hungry for it. ...

Fire, Forests, Climate Change, Grasses and Farming

Blog: Re Rustica   -   Friday February 06, 2009   -   By fullofbeans

Fire risks are increasing as the global climate changes.  The increased temperature and decreased rain dries out the land and the vegetation on the land.  To prepare Herself for more adapted vegetation, Gaia allows fires to scorch vast...

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