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locust how do you stop them?

Blog: Hog and Dogs Ranch / Produce   -   Saturday June 09, 2012   -   By Brien and Debbie

This is one of the worst things that have happened for us while growing chemical and pesticide free foods. 8 days ago we had a few grasshoppers, which grew to a overwhelming amount. We called for help to universities,with bug programs, to find out what to...

Fishing Today on Floras Creek

Blog: Rural Goods   -   Sunday December 05, 2010   -   By Zachary

Finally got out to go fishing today after the water cleared up a bit on old Floras Creek. My cabin is only about 100 yards from it,  but been so busy I haven't had the chance. Here's what happened:  Put my foot in my waders and got a squish.. some...

Opening Day!

Blog: Hurricane Farm   -   Tuesday April 28, 2009   -   By Chris

Nope. Not baseball. Trout! I've always been into fishing and spent hours at local ponds and "lakes" catching sunfish, bass, and catfish as a kid.  I never really experienced trout fishing, though, as I grew up close to the...


Blog: Berwick Worm Farm   -   Friday November 07, 2008   -   By Wornguy

  BERWICK WORM FARM   We at the BERWICK WORM FARM raise and sell red worms and euro nightcrawlers. We also have worm food, worm bins, complete worm farms, worm bedding etc.   We take great pride in raising our worms, making sure...

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