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Farm News

Blog: Three Dog Farmstead   -   Monday April 29, 2013   -   By Christina

Well, we're off to a cloudy start to these last few days of April, but I for one am thankful that so much of the pollen has been 'washed' out of the air....and off of my truck! We are still trying to work out our honor stand system for egg purchasing. For the...

Garlic Intro part 1

Blog: Garlic Blog: Vanderpool Gourmet Gardens   -   Monday April 18, 2011   -   By Terry

Garlic the most amazing plant. It is April now in Central Texas and we are preparing for the Garlic Harvest.  We are growing over 50 varieties of garlic.  Garlic has been grown for millenia and it is one of the oldest living plants.  Why is that...

What To Do With Swiss Chard?

Blog: Breeze Hill Farm   -   Tuesday June 23, 2009   -   By MaLinda

I am so glad that so many people read my "ranting" blog post. I hope that the person it was mostly written for got a look at it too. Simetime's a girl just has to get it off her chest. Think I'm just tired of everyday being a full moon day! On a...

Something new

Blog: Dunlooken Farm   -   Thursday November 06, 2008   -   By Bev

I'm just a bit excited by the new opportunity to blog here on Local Harvest.  It's fall and so many things are ending it's nice to have something beginning. We're busy tucking the garden in for the winter and planning for our CSA's 2009 season. ...


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