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February 4, 2013 -- the Turkeys are Coming!

Blog: KaPa De'Le Farm   -   Monday February 04, 2013   -   By Karen

We are having beautiful weather here in Northern CA!  Temps are in the 60's, and even though I know that Old Man Winter will return with a vengence I am enjoying watching the trees budding, listening to the birds singing and now the Turkeys...

How long does it take a chicken egg to hatch?

Blog: Fertile Chicken Eggs | Chicken Egg Incubators   -   Friday February 18, 2011   -   By Suzie OConnor

How long does it take a chicken egg to hatch? If you're new to keeping chickens, or if you're thinking about starting a flock, then you'll no doubt want to find out everything you can about these amazing creatures. Not only will a flock of chickens...

Tomatoes on the vine and more news from Bunn NC

Blog: Grow And Share   -   Wednesday May 27, 2009   -   By Kay

Well, things at the Bunn Sharing Garden are popping!  The flowers on the tomatoes and tomatillos have made way for tomatoes hanging on the plants.  We're hopeful tomatillos will soon follow.  Tomatoes hanging despite the Colorado Potato...

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