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Monday Honeybee Runs

Blog: Homestead Pantry   -   Monday August 30, 2010   -   By Homestead Artisa

This morning was sort of productive, we had another big pot of milk to make into cheese or yogurt, so I started 5 gallons of yogurt, and a two gallon pot of apple mint to make into apple mint jelly.  This was supposed to be Laundry Day Monday but I had a...

Cayennes, Cantaloupes, and Lemon Boys

Blog: Homestead Pantry   -   Saturday August 28, 2010   -   By Homestead Artisa

What a day!  I snagged my glasses leash on something, which broke it, but with all I had to do today I didn't want to take time to hunt a replacement loop and then restring all those silver and turquoise beads.  I hadn't lost anything  except...

Let There Bee Nectar

Blog: What's the Buzz?   -   Thursday April 08, 2010   -   By Marcie

It had never happened before! We ran out of honey!  The lovely winter we enjoyed was difficult for the bees. For the first time in forty years, temperatures plummeted near the freezing mark over and over again. Here in Miami this was unheard of! We had...

Spring honeybees looking good for spring Honey cro...

Blog:   -   Tuesday March 23, 2010   -   By John

2009 New Honey crop filling up shelves FINALLY,Hon...

Blog:   -   Tuesday October 27, 2009   -   By John

HONEY HARVEST almost done for 2009. A year of challenges from bad weather and honey bee losses from beekeeping colony collapse disorder. All Honey avaiable on my Local Harvest store,visit and look around. I have some unusual honey from farm...

My beekeeping friends found under Honey Bee Hives,...

Blog:   -   Sunday October 25, 2009   -   By John

A surprise Beekeeping find under beehives in hot weather.This is not the BUZZ I wanted to hear. Rattle snakes like the cooler shade under Honey Bee Hive pallets.

Honey Bee swarm removal from building,See VIDEO at...

Blog:   -   Sunday October 25, 2009   -   By John

    Video of beehive removal at 27 minutes to remove 27,227 honeybees,I counted them

Georgia Honey Bees on goldenrod flowers at beekeep...

Blog:   -   Thursday October 22, 2009   -   By John

Honey Bees hard at work on goldenrod flowers at beekeeper John Pluta apiary in Milledgeville Georgia. We might have enough for a special bottling but normally mixed into wildflower honey.

Beekeepers Observation beehive

Blog:   -   Saturday September 12, 2009   -   By John


Our Honeybees

Blog: Winter Garden Farm   -   Wednesday May 06, 2009   -   By Mike

After losing my hive of honeybees this past winter to some particularly cold weather, I decided to get more bees from a gentleman in Columbus County.  I drove over one evening in middle March and loaded the hive of new bees into the back of my truck...

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