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Bring on Spring!

Blog: Bloom Where You're Planted Farm   -   Wednesday March 13, 2013   -   By Teresa

We survived the long winter, and although we're still melting from a surprise snowstorm over the weekend we know Spring is just around the corner! We had a very successful fall 2012 season.  So many new friends came to the farm and we are thankful for...

Grass Hay Needed!

Blog: IICFA   -   Wednesday October 31, 2012   -   By GrannySue

I have two families here in north-central IL who are looking for grass hay. They both had contracts but the suppliers apparently got better prices and sold their orders out from under them.  If you have - or know of - sources for grass hay that might...

My New Family

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Tuesday October 30, 2012   -   By Emily

I have been most blessed to be welcomed, with open arms, into a new family of sorts lately. I shared the story of my pony, Sara, and how much she meant to me, but one blog entry couldn't possibly cover our whole story. Her story actually had a horrible...

The start of something

Blog: Shamrock Hill Farm   -   Sunday August 19, 2012   -   By Susan

As stated in my first entry,  I was going to tell how Shamrock Hill got started. I have always loved horses.  I am not sure that every little girl doesn't love horses some time in their life, but they tend to out grow the passion.  Me..never...

Late Summer

Blog: Bloom Where You're Planted Farm   -   Monday August 13, 2012   -   By Teresa

Despite how terribly dry and hot it has been this summer, our pumpkins have survived and seem to have fruited pretty well.  The drought continues but the temperatures have finally cooled off so they continue to bloom and grow.  We did...

First Cutting

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Wednesday June 13, 2012   -   By Emily

 A very important thing happened over the weekend...we put up our first cutting of hay! The weather was perfect for enough days for us to cut the entire upper hay field, as well as part of the field by the neighbor's woodline. Dan and the horses cut...

Being a Teamster

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Monday May 07, 2012   -   By Emily

 When you hear the word teamster, what springs to mind?  Unions?  Jimmy Hoffa?  Big 18-wheeler trucks hauling freight down the interstate?  (And yes, I am going somewhere farm-related with this...) Originally, a teamster was one who...

A Sprig of Lavender

Blog: A Sprig of Lavender   -   Wednesday December 07, 2011   -   By Ann

A Sprig of Lavender pure and simple inspiration by Forrester Farm   Can be seen at:


Blog: Sweet Pumpkins Farm   -   Monday August 15, 2011   -   By Donna

Yesterday was a sad day here on the farm. The owners of the horses here had sold them off to a stable in Orange, MA. I was stocking up the farm stand when the trailer came for the boys. My two horse friends were picked up and are now gone. The...

Pumpkin Planting is Done!

Blog: Bloom Where You're Planted Farm   -   Saturday June 18, 2011   -   By Teresa

As of yesterday, there are just 3 months left until opening day of the 7th season here at our southeast Nebraska pumpkin patch!  I can't believe how fast time can fly.  We've been very busy on the farm and finally got all our pumpkins, squash...

Horses are deer proof vehicles

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Wednesday May 04, 2011   -   By Mary

The deer are beginning to enjoy the first flushes of green out on the Palmer Divide.   Even in Elizabeth.   It is now against the law to feed the deer in Elizabeth, but luckily there’s plenty for them to eat anyway.   It’s also against the...

First Spring Photos

Blog: Bloom Where You're Planted Farm   -   Friday March 18, 2011   -   By Teresa

I like to document the changes of the seasons here at Bloom Where You're Planted Farm.  Here is photographic proof that spring has arrived! Jasper and Emmett are enjoying the warm weather from atop their climbing tower.  They've grown a TON...

Meeting of The Minds

Blog: Dark Water Ranch   -   Wednesday March 09, 2011   -   By shepherd

I am sure this farm does not run like a well-oiled machine. Matter of fact there seems to be only one thing that every species of animal agrees on around here. Can you guess what that is? That is right F-O-O-D. It always has to be time for food. When is it...


Blog: MM Livestock Co   -   Thursday February 17, 2011   -   By Megan

First let me say Thank You to everyone that has supported us through the crazy attacks we have been enduring for the last few months. The outpouring of love has kept us fighting and justice has partially been served! The person that killed my colt has been...

Big Red is on a Mission!

Blog: MM Livestock Co   -   Wednesday January 26, 2011   -   By Megan

Those of you that have been here know my gelding Parkers Skip n Slide aka Big Red. Well, he has a mission. His Mission, to keep my best friend happy during her fight with stage 4 cancer. He is a kind horse and it was love at first sight for both of them. Jason...

101 Things to Do With a Tractor

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Sunday November 07, 2010   -   By Emily

One of the things we're known for, and a point of pride for us, is that we do all our field work and hay making with a team of draft horses.  For us, this is truly what "sustainable" is all about; the horses help us to make the hay in the summer...

Kyle Farms at the Genesee Valley Hunt Races!!!

Blog: Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb   -   Sunday October 03, 2010   -   By Anne

Very Exciting!  Kyle Farms is going to have a table at the Genesee Valley Hunt Races next Saturday, Oct 9th.     Come see us in the Farmers Market tent, and put your name in a drawing for a half share of our fall All Natural Lamb CSA. ...

Old Horse, New Tricks

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Monday August 16, 2010   -   By Emily

Yesterday was a busy day here.  We needed to move around some of the livestock as the trailer from our processor, Hirsch's Meats, was coming to pick up a cow, a couple of pigs, and the first of our spring lambs.  Dan and I had already moved the pigs...


The Latest in Equine Seasonal Fashion

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Saturday July 10, 2010   -   By Terry

Whit and Buckshot (the 2 horses on the farm) are sporting a "shimmer weave" fly mask.......these masks are supposed to blend in and reflect the horse's natural color instead of looking like a Halloween mask.  I didn't choose them for that...


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