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Winter Gardening Confessions (An Update)

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Wednesday January 09, 2013   -   By Katie

Seems like anytime I’m making small talk these days I’m asked “How’s your garden?” (No complaints here; I’m happy to share!) So, let me just tell you how the garden is. It’s good. But not as expected. I just paid the garden a visit yesterday for the first...

Black Friday Black Gold

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Tuesday November 27, 2012   -   By Katie

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday! We enjoyed ours and know that we have much to be thankful for. Many of you probably also ‘celebrated’ Black Friday by standing in unbelievably long lines early in the cold morning to get great deals on...

October 2012 Update

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Tuesday October 23, 2012   -   By Katie

I really dislike being cold. I can handle extreme heat, rain, dark, manual labor and constantly having my hands in compost. But I really dislike the cold. Since it has been chilly and rainy here the last several weeks, I’ve been pretty lethargic about...

Meet the Winter Team

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Friday October 05, 2012   -   By Katie

Cauliflower, Snowball Y Organic Photo from Burpee {} Last week I shared in this post that I’m planning to grow vegetables this winter . For those of you who are following and would like to try to do the same, I...

Cold Frame

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Tuesday February 28, 2012   -   By Jeff

Twenty-eight degrees this morning in Illinois. It is supposed to warm up to forty-two this afternoon. Tomorrow it going to rain. I will be working on the cold frame today. I need to get it finished so I have a place to put the seedlings for hardening off....

The Miracle of New Life

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Monday February 13, 2012   -   By Jeff

Today is another exciting day of planning and prepartation for the upcoming season. I will be getting the seed room ready this week and finishing the cold frame and hotbed. On Wednesday and Thursday I will be spreading manure. I am so exicited to get back out...

The New Hotbed

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Monday January 30, 2012   -   By Jeff

Today is the first of the week and time to start getting the hotbed built. I have decided to build a nice little hotbed to extend the season. It would be nice to have lettuce, beets, greens, spinach and other cool crop veggies available early this year. So,...

Preparing for the Season

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Thursday January 26, 2012   -   By Jeff

I never realized there is so much work just getting ready for the new season. Seed orders, repairing equipment, planting, mixing soil, marketing, are just some of the things going on at Bountiful Blessings. I really believe that being prepared is a good key to...

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