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Hot, crazy summer at Hawk Valley Garden

Blog: Hawk Valley Garden   -   Monday July 30, 2012   -   By Sue

Hello to all from Northwest Iowa... Hawk Valley Garden has survived this long, crazy summer of 2012. We planted early in May and had a decent month of rains and weather all the way to mid June. Then drought hit us and we had no rain until the...


Blog: wisdom   -   Monday June 18, 2012   -   By GarlicMaster Lowell

We are sooo excited.  The stalks are fat and sturdy and now is the time for the bulbs to put all of their energy into growing.  Our bulbs are really healthy because of the rich soil and clean air here in Northeast Iowa.  We finished taking off...

6 years of growing pumpkins and we are still learn...

Blog: Hawk Valley Garden   -   Tuesday June 02, 2009   -   By Sue

Welcome to my blog . My name is Sue Loring and my husband and two children own and operate Hawk Valley Garden Pumpkin Stand in northwest Iowa near Spencer, Iowa. My parents also assist us and grow 3 acres of pumpkins on their property. 2009 marks...

Let it snow... again...

Blog: Oldhaus Fibers   -   Saturday March 28, 2009   -   By Joel & Kathi

Wow, it is snowing again.   Snow, melt, snow, melt, snow, melt...    Are we having fun yet ? ahahahhahaha



Blog: Grass Run Farm   -   Friday January 02, 2009   -   By Ryan and Kristine

Welcome to Grass Run Farm. We're located in northeast Iowa, just a sneeze from the Minnesota border. We raise and direct-market 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork and veal to institutions, restaurants, food co-ops, families and other retailers. When we're...

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