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Blog: Renaissance Farm   -   Wednesday January 04, 2012   -   By Linda

Brrrrrr!!! It may be cold outside, but there is always something to do on the farm!  Right now we are replanting our Micro Greens and Herbs! Yay!  I know a lot of people who are really missing their gardens right now, so we will do out best to...

Farms's Blanket

Blog: Sinemus Farms   -   Thursday December 30, 2010   -   By Herman

December was more like January in the weather department. Here's hoping it will make for an early spring, the likes, we have not really seen in a few years. I can remember some years when March was a lot like April, but it seems so long ago.  ...

Dear Ohio; Love, California

Blog: Mott Family Farm   -   Saturday January 16, 2010   -   By Shelley

January 16, 2010:  In the dead of winter, we hear, in Ohio.  The garlic cloves are tucked safely away beneath their thick layer of mulch, protected from the freeze/thaw/heave that the ground undergoes in the cold.  I wonder what they are...


Update: Midwest Living Magazine is interested in j...

Blog: The Jam and Jelly Lady   -   Saturday January 16, 2010   -   By Sonya

Really good day for our little cannery today!  Midwest Living Magazine is one of my favorites, mostly for the yummy recipes (my favorite is a marinated shrimp and artichoke appetizer).  Today I received a request for pictures of our cannery and...

January Weather

Blog: The Coop   -   Saturday January 17, 2009   -   By Anthony

The Coop has been experiencing some pretty cold weather here in NEPA.  We've been reaching temps that were 5 below zero and even colder with the wind gusts. The animals have spent lots of time indoors and huddle in the hay but they do like that...

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