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Tomato, Black Krim (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-G...

Blog: Home Farm Herbery   -   Friday March 29, 2013   -   By Arlene

Tomato, Black Krim (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)   The Black Krim tomato produces high yields of dark reddish/black beefsteak tomatoes. This is a popular and rare heirloom tomato variety from the ...

The Summer's Rainbow

Blog: L'Ecuyer Gardens   -   Saturday July 14, 2012   -   By Twilya

This week has been much calmer.   T-ball has ended for the summer and we have enjoyed a little more time at home.   Tom and I are both homebodies but I think we are raising two little socialites.   Finding the right balance is a trick at...

Welcome to Spring!!!!

Blog: L'Ecuyer Gardens   -   Thursday March 22, 2012   -   By Twilya

Spring is here and we welcome it with early tomatoes ready for your garden.   The weather has been so pleasant this year why not put a few early plants out for an extra jump start.   Spring is here and we welcome it with early tomatoes ready for...

We Were Expecting Rain

Blog: L'Ecuyer Gardens   -   Wednesday March 07, 2012   -   By Twilya

We thought it was going to rain…   … but it did not.   Today is windy but still dry and at this point it is likely our chance for rain has passed.   Because we thought it was going to rain we busied ourselves with a few...

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