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2013 Farmer’s Report

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Monday October 21, 2013   -   By Katie

At the beginning of this month I delivered the final round of produce for our 2013 season. Now that the season has ended, it’s time for me to provide you with our second annual Farmer’s Report. The annual Farmer’s Report is an exercise that helps me...

Life Lessons.

Blog: Growing Days   -   Wednesday January 11, 2012   -   By Julie

We lost Salt this weekend. When we decided to add chickens to our menagerie, I knew the risks. We live in a subdivision, but we also live in a forest. A river borders our property. And we've always loved spying wildlife in our backyard. Deer....

What a nice walk!

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Saturday May 15, 2010   -   By Mary

What a nice walk we had today!  Though there was the promise of rain (and rain walks are, indeed, a charming and beautiful adventure), the skies cleared unexpectedly and our nature walk / educational walking tour of the wild edible and medicinal plants of...

Have we met?

Blog: Great Expectations   -   Saturday November 15, 2008   -   By Candace

On a forum where I'm a member, I asked when was a good time to send turkeys to be processed.  The response I got was, "When you get tired of feeding them, and when they get mean."  I'm pretty sure this person wasn't giving the same...

Off and Running

Blog: Great Expectations   -   Monday November 10, 2008   -   By Candace

So, we bought a little farm - 3.5 acres that had been parceled off of a "real" farm - and set out to try our luck at being county folk.  It has been a wild and crazy ride so far. The house itself, was in terrible shape.  We joked...

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