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Lamb and New Sweet Potato Bed

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Wednesday February 22, 2012   -   By Rowena

I went to Ash Wednesday mass, and I realized that easter is just around the corner (plus mike can’t stop talking about his big international las vegas karate tournament coming up, it is the day before easter…he loves it and has been training hard for it!!)...

Winter Greens

Blog: Red Goat Gardens   -   Thursday December 22, 2011   -   By Rick

We have an abundance of arugula. Email to get some.  

Wow are the days short!

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Tuesday December 06, 2011   -   By Rowena

Today started with the unfreezing of water lines and water bowls for the animals.  I went to pour a tea kettle of boiling water on the metal pipe for the pig's nipple and within 2 seconds one of them figured out what I was trying to do and started sucking...

Wow, what a beginning of a holiday season!!

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Friday December 02, 2011   -   By Rowena

Wow, what a season.  We doubled turkey sales and still have a few turkeys left for Christmas, and Moonstruck Salad Mix is coming in and we have yellow  zucchini!!!  Yes, zucchini and I even gave away a few jalapenos to my loyal...

Christmas Turkeys!

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Sunday November 27, 2011   -   By Rowena

Fortunately and unfortunately the Bashaws had quite a few last minute cancellations.   The good news is that there are Christmas turkeys available, but only for a limited time.  In about a week I am going to start making turkey sausage!! ...

End of weightlifting season...guess not?

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Tuesday November 01, 2011   -   By Rowena

Well just when I think I have hit the end of weightlifting season....tomatoes, winter squash, cucumbers, come the turkeys.  My first big delivery is this week, and I am doing some extra sit ups to strengthen my back tonight!!!! ...

Good Morning!

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Saturday October 01, 2011   -   By Chickadee1

Good morning, all, what a brisk morning it is here in Dallas, Georgia! My outside thermometer tells me 60 degrees, and the inside is 64! Might be time to get the furnace  Uncovered the broccoli, cabbage and lettuce this...

Fall and Winter Veggies

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Wednesday September 28, 2011   -   By Chickadee1

The fall garden at my house consists of broccoli, cabbage, collards, sugar snap peas, and lettuce. Planted some celery, too, still waiting to see what that looks like!   I still have arugula, as it reseeds itself pretty well.  Still getting a few...

Shorter not cooler

Blog: The Farm Report from Turkey Hill   -   Thursday August 18, 2011   -   By Farmer Herman

Hey Everybody. I like the shorter days, because with this heat if we had to endure one more minute before the sun went down.... We have our kale, and collards, and tronchuda up in the greenhouse. Keeping it cool in there is the big deal. 105 yesterday.We even...


Blog: Eaters' Guild   -   Wednesday July 27, 2011   -   By Laurie

Head Lettuce   The six most common kinds of cultivated lettuce are in the daisy family Asteraceae. Lettuce has a long history. It was considered to be an aphrodisiac food in Ancient Egypt and a sleep aid by the Romans. Christopher Columbus...


Celery in 100 degree temps!

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Sunday July 03, 2011   -   By Rowena

We continue to learn as we grow here at Moonstruck.  The irrigation is still being tweaked to maximize, but with a little shade cloth we are growing lettuce and spinach in 100 degree temps in the greenhouse...and celery!!! Wow, I would have told you you...

Father's Day at Clayton Fathers Market

Blog: Clayton Farmers' Market and Small Farm Animals   -   Monday June 20, 2011   -   By Janice

June 19 -- Bits of sunshine, bits of light rain on Dad's Day! Spinach, lettuce, rhubarb were popular items at Clayton FM.  Of course, all locally grown .... pesticide free, too.  Temperatures were in the mid 60's today - supposed to reach into the...

The Bluegrass Farmers' Market is now open on Tuesd...

Blog: Bluegrass Farmers Market   -   Monday May 16, 2011   -   By Kentucky Proud

It's an exciting week at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market! And, you ask why? Because... We've got strawberries! ~*~ and ~*~ The Tuesday market is now open for the 2011 season! ...

Boulder Belt Farm Share Initiative vol 3 issue 3

Blog: Boulder Belt Eco-Farm   -   Tuesday May 10, 2011   -   By Lucy

      We had a visit this past weekend from a friend of mine from high school who got a Ph.D in Botany and than decided he would rather farm and now has a CSA in Wisconsin. His visit gave us much to think about. He runs his farm very...

Fog in the greenhouse!

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Monday April 11, 2011   -   By Rowena

I love working outside in the evening.  Everything begins to quiet, the temperature this evening was perfect after what had become quite a warm afternoon.  It is the perfect time for transplanting.  I am moving all the "cold weather"...

Lots of produce here at cancelled.

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Thursday March 24, 2011   -   By Rowena

Well Murphy's Law prevailed...I did the largest harvest this winter and sold a fair amount in Phelan so I came home and harvested more...did not check my email and sure enough Wrightwood is cancelled.  I will be here in the morning with farm open 8-12...

How Green Can We Grow

Blog: Family Farms CSA   -   Wednesday March 23, 2011   -   By Foster

How green can you grow?  Foster Fogary, owner of Family Farms CSA, has a green house full of tomatoes, lettuce, and many other veggies.  They will be planted soon and will arrive at someone's table. All this was made possible by mother...

Tomorrow...just the beginning.

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Wednesday March 16, 2011   -   By Rowena

After a long awaited wait the new greenhouse is producing bountifully and I am still not done rebuilding rows and planting!!  Tomorrow we will be bringing French Breakfast Radishes, gorgeous long scallions, Moonstruck Salad Mix, Leaf Lettuce mix (for...

Market Day

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Friday March 11, 2011   -   By Rowena

The last few days are a total blur...started Wednesday with a little planting, some bok choy, tatsoi, more spinach and of course a sprinkling of radishes and green onions.  A market gardener plants in a completely different pattern than most conventional...

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