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invited to supper

Blog: Richert/Phillips Farms   -   Saturday January 24, 2015   -   By Michael

   Our friend of many years finely had us over for dinner--he is the one that cooks the sap for us and we split the syrup 50/50. Being a farmer like us a good idea like sharing a meal in the evening always seems to slip by as the years roll on until...


Life on R Farm: The Winter Months

Blog: R Farm of Northwest Ohio, LLC   -   Wednesday January 14, 2015   -   By Doug and Melissa

Harvest time has come and gone, and winter is upon us. Doug's focus has been on hauling manure, finishing tillage and winterizing the farm's buildings and equipment. Now is also his time to research inputs and purchase next spring's crops. Record-keeping...


Blog: The Depot Farm   -   Friday July 18, 2014   -   By Phil

The busy season picking is upon us! With the usual mix of beans, kale, leeks, broccoli, greens and such, we have had a banner year for currants. We hand pick, so it is time-consuming, but we are pleased with the size and large quantity of berries. The bushes...

Smell The Roses!

Blog: The Depot Farm   -   Thursday May 29, 2014   -   By Phil

  As the planting season is in full bore, many times we find ourselves so busy we don't know which way to turn. Tilling, plowing, weeding and planting are just some of our chores we try to fit in our busy days. Once in a while I like to take a break, walk...

Planting Update

Blog: The Depot Farm   -   Monday May 05, 2014   -   By Phil

  Just to update everyone on progress in the fields. The first and second plantings of our spring crops are in and growing. The soil is still too cool to start beans or corn but we are making progress as areas dry up to where we can work the soil and add...

Garden Cleanup and Sore Muscles!

Blog: Spyglass Gardens   -   Tuesday April 08, 2014   -   By Steve or Wendy

Its never an easy task -- cleaning up the garden. No matter how big or small theres is always debris, broken pots, hoses to mend and trees to trim.   Winter in Idaho can be hard on everything. Stacks of leaves smashed into every corner, branches...

Keeping busy on a cold wintry day

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Thursday February 13, 2014   -   By Terry

Cabin fever?  Not me!  I am ready for spring, but there's lots to do indoors.  I had taken a bunch of neat pics of the snow all around the farm, but somehow they got lost in between the camera and the computer--I'm sure you know the feeling ...


Winter Blues

Blog: The Depot Farm   -   Wednesday February 12, 2014   -   By Phil

  Winter drags on with the cold seemingly relentless. Zero degree nights and days in the single digits. Outside work is keep to a minimum. I've learned to accept it. On the good side, I've managed to catch up and update all my paperwork, do the taxes,...

Life in the Country

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Monday February 03, 2014   -   By Terry

Life in the country is somewhat different than life in the city, or even in the suburbs.  If you live in the country you have to get used to seeing, uh, well, dead things. Theres'a perpetual spring really near the farm, called "Baker's Spout" ....


Living lightly

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Thursday January 23, 2014   -   By Terry

Did you know that if everyone unplugged their clothes dryers ALL the nuclear plants could shut down?  Interesting........ In the winter I hang laundry on the stairway railing, in the summer on the porch railing.  Haven't used the dryer in.....6...

Work in Progress

Blog: The Depot Farm   -   Tuesday January 21, 2014   -   By Phil

  With another cold blast this winter, my outside work comes to a halt. The past week with temps in the 30's got me out to start trimming and pruning the trees and bushes. Some needed maintainance work got completed in the barn while I mentally keep a...

Brrrrr! Cold Chicken Toes

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Wednesday January 08, 2014   -   By Terry

That's the only suitable title I could come up with for this post.  Sunday was fairly warm for January--in the upper 40's actually--then the wind blew and blew and the bottom fell out of the thermometer.  Monday and Tuesday night were both 8 degrees...

First Snowfall

Blog: The Depot Farm   -   Tuesday November 12, 2013   -   By Phil

We received our first snowfall last night. Not much, only a couple of inches. Just enough to cover the ground over. I bundled up in my hat and gloves, took my morning coffee and went out to sit on the deck. Something about the first snowfall; everything...

A little more protein than I bargained for

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Thursday October 17, 2013   -   By Terry

Yesterday morning, instead of the usual yogurt, fruit, and granola, I opted for a fresh pear that I picked from a friend of a friend of a friend....well, somebody's tree, and a piece of Friendship Bread with cream cheese on top--a little indulgence to break...


Little Miss Muffett

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Thursday October 10, 2013   -   By Terry

I know why the spider frightened Miss Muffett was probably a Black Widow. Today was one of those "piddling" days where there are some things on the to-do list but nothing really pressing (finally!)  I had gone to the big high tunnel...


Preserving (Freezing) Zucchini

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Tuesday July 30, 2013   -   By Katie

Swimming in zucchini? Giving some away to the neighbors seems to be the common cure for an overzealous squash plant. If you’re feeling a bit miserly… or in a positive light, if you wish there was a way to enjoy home-grown zucchini all year round, here’s...

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)

Blog: Carob's Farm Chaga, Soaps, Lotions and Teas.   -   Thursday May 30, 2013   -   By Robin

Chaga mushroom, is found on Birch and other trees in cold climates, it has been used in folk medicine in Russia and other European countries for generations.   Chaga draws nutrients from the tree it grows on and extracts the medicinals from the inner...

...and Life goes on.

Blog: Foust Family Farms   -   Monday May 06, 2013   -   By Ron

 Has it been so long, since my last entry? My, how time flies, when you're working on a farm...or not! Hmm, goes on. what can I mean by that.  for all its tranquility, a farm is a site of Life and Death, on a regular basis.  Seed is...

Chickens and Autism

Blog: Three Dog Farmstead   -   Wednesday May 01, 2013   -   By Christina

  Just wanted to link you to an article I read this morning. There are more and more stories these days of how chickens, and other poultry, are assisting individuals with autism and other mental and learning handicaps. It's quite a joy to read how folks...

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