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10 Ways to Save Money on Food

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Monday March 25, 2013   -   By Katie

If your household is similar to ours, the grocery slice of the budget pie is sizable enough to get your attention. Most “experts” recommend budgeting 14-20% of your take home pay for food (groceries, lattes, eating at restaurants, etc.). A recent study...

Out of the Box

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Friday March 15, 2013   -   By Terry

Everything on a farm doesn't have to do with dirt under the fingernails.  Sometimes it's grease under the fingernails.  The Subaru Veggie Wagon has been letting me know for the past few months that something was going on with the front end.  So,...


Life and Death

Blog: Double Check Ranch   -   Friday February 22, 2013   -   By Sarah

Death is not a topic that many folks enjoy discussing.  But living with an abbatoir as an integral part of your life - providing healthy, safe, honest grassfed beef for those who wish to buy it -- you come to think of life and death more than you'd like...

Lenten Thoughts and Relationship to Agriculture

Blog: Double Check Ranch   -   Wednesday February 20, 2013   -   By Sarah

I have been away from this blog for quite some time, a new baby will do that to you.  But here are some valuable thoughts that came from my pastor, which I believe apply very aptly to agricultural lives as well as city living. For those non-church-goers,...

Minimally Process Cookies

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Friday February 08, 2013   -   By Katie

Earlier this month I shared this post about how to make natural, homemade vanilla extract . I had no idea it would be such a hit! After posting it, one reader emailed me with the following question: “I have a question for you in regard to a comment you...

On Being Neighborly

Blog: North Star Homestead Farms, LLC   -   Tuesday February 05, 2013   -   By Ann, Laura, and Kara

On these blustery cold days and shivery cold nights, sometimes we can feel a bit cooped up in our homes, huddling by the wood stove with a dog or two close at hand for added warmth.  Chores begin by encasing oneself with copious amounts of wooly or...


Blog: Nature Rich Farm   -   Wednesday September 19, 2012   -   By MARIA

Sitting under the trees in my folding lawn chair I couldn't help but wax poetic looking at all the beauty around me.  To my right two spotted puppies played tug-o-war, to my left geese snoozed with heads tucked under their wings, next to them the ducks...

The Art of Substitution

Blog: Millican Pecan Company   -   Thursday August 30, 2012   -   By Kristen

We live rather far from town. In fact, what my girlfriends consider “in the sticks”. We moved here as soon as we got married, which has almost been ten years ago. As a result, I have learned the art of substitution in my cooking endeavors. What I mean is that...

Irreplaceable (Sara's Story)

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Tuesday August 14, 2012   -   By Emily

When I was 12, I wanted a horse more than anything.  By a twist of fate, a kind 4-H leader gave me the opportunity to ride one, at no cost, for an entire summer.  If I liked her, I could adopt her from a rescue society, or return her and she'd have a...

Heritage Breed Turkey

Blog: Tail Spin Farm   -   Sunday July 29, 2012   -   By Scott and Renee

We have tried for a year and a half  to breed our heritage breed Royal Palm turkeys, with no luck.  We tried both the incubator the last two summers and letting our 3 hens just sit on the eggs, but nothing seemed to produce any results.  We...


Life on a chicken farm

Blog: Cascun Farm   -   Sunday June 17, 2012   -   By Andrea

The other day while i stood counting the chickens as we put them into crates for processing the next morning, I began to wonder how exactly it was that I got to where I was at that prescise moment in my life. Although farming did run in my blood (albeit a...


Cinco De Mayo

Blog: L'Ecuyer Gardens   -   Tuesday May 01, 2012   -   By Twilya

We think it is the perfect day to celebrate and we happen to have plenty of fresh cilantro and garlic for sale!   Why not celebrate?   At L’Ecuyer Gardens we spent the day planting our squash bed and our slicing cucumbers.   We also...

Potato Expressions

Blog: Seasons at Procter Farm   -   Friday April 13, 2012   -   By Rebekah

Rumbling along on the tractor, ear plugs in my ears and the sun shining in my face, everything seems perfect. The tiller is humming powerfully behind me, creating very fine straight, flat bed tops. I finish the bed and stop the tractor so that I can observe...

Late winter on the farm

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Wednesday February 29, 2012   -   By Terry

Although mud is still the most popular flooring in the great outdoors, spring is creeping through the cracks.  A couple of freezer burned hyacinths stand amidst the bones and skeletons of the front perennial garden, and the spring peepers have been...

Why Do We Farm?

Blog: Treasured Haven Farm   -   Sunday February 12, 2012   -   By Peg

A couple weeks ago we had the great honor to share our farm and CSA experience at the end of a day long conference for those looking to venture into the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) realm. As the day went by and we were all reminded by the pitfalls...

An Unlikely Pair

Blog: HoneyBear Ranch   -   Friday January 13, 2012   -   By Phil and Sandy

I've always been told that cows and horses can't be friends.  I'm here to tell you that just isn't true! We were given a Paint filly at the tender age of 4 months. We named her Maggie Mae. Her mother died during the horrible heat and...

Life Lessons.

Blog: Growing Days   -   Wednesday January 11, 2012   -   By Julie

We lost Salt this weekend. When we decided to add chickens to our menagerie, I knew the risks. We live in a subdivision, but we also live in a forest. A river borders our property. And we've always loved spying wildlife in our backyard. Deer....

Death and Vegetables!

Blog: Greenjeans Farm   -   Sunday September 25, 2011   -   By Jeff & Toni

I woke up this morning and thought about death, and about how inevitable it is.   I thought about never laughing with my husband Jeff in the morning or talking to the dogs and cats, having that first cup of coffee, or brushing my teeth or washing my face...

Fall is in the air

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Friday September 16, 2011   -   By Terry

Fall is my favorite time of year–always has been. I love the colors of the trees, the cooler weather…..and putting on a jacket after hanging it in the closet last season. You know where I’m going–I put on a jacket this morning to pick peppers and tomatoes...


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